Wheelie Bin Storage – A Buyer’s Guide

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Wheelie Bin Storage

Storage devices for your wheelie bins have many benefits – stopping animals from getting to the litter in your bins, protecting bins from being blown over in the heavy wind and preventing other, less considerate, people from using your bins as their own, personal waste-disposal unit! Not only this but with councils charging to replace stolen bins – the initial outlay for wheelie bin storage could actually save you money in the long run!

But, if you are anything like me, then it is important that your wheelie bin storage looks right as well as being practical. You also don’t want the storage to take up too much space in your precious garden, now we are in a world where we have black bins, blue bins, green bins and every other colour of bins!!

Keep reading for all you need to know to find the right wheelie bin storage for your garden!

Best Pick – Large Grey Durable Plastic Storage Unit Box

Large Grey Durable Plastic Storage Unit Box Garden Outdoor Shed For Wheelie Bins Tools Bikes & Lawn Mowers
  • Heavy Duty outdoor storage unit with a 1200 L capacity. Ideal for gardening tools, equipment or 2 x 240 L wheelie bins.
  • Durable Plastic construction with wood effect panels, a piston-assisted lid and wide opening doors.
  • Heavy-duty floor with main door bolt and secondary foot bolt for secure closure.
  • Weather resistant design - no maintenance or fading. Just a light wash needed to keep your storage shed looking like new.
  • Assembled external dimensions: L 146 x W 82 x H 123 cm; Internal dimensions: L 132 x W 75 x H 110 cm.

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Only Got 5 Minutes?

Sick of your wheelie bins causing an eyesore in your garden? Tired of picking up rubbish from the floor after your bins have been knocked/blown over? Then this part of the article is for you! All the information that you could need to get buying a wheelie bin storage device that will completely change the look of your garden!


The location of your wheelie bin storage is one of the most important factors – if you get this wrong then you could end up finding it too difficult to even use your store, so it just becomes a glorified shed.

  • The first thing to do is make sure that you choose an area that is going to be close enough to the door that you most frequently take the rubbish out of, and also close enough for you to get the bins out and put them away again. There is no point having your bin store at the front of your house if this means walking through your dining room, living room, study or however many other rooms with dirty rubbish every day! Equally, if the back of your house is difficult to get to, then having your bins located here won’t work either.
  • Once you have found that perfect location, the next thing to do is to make sure that the spot you have chosen is level. It does not need to be 100% level if this is going to be too difficult for you to achieve, but equally, the more level the better as this will make it easier to wheel your bins in and out.
  • You also need to make sure that you measure the space around your wheelie bin storage – not just taking into account the measurements that are on the product description. You will need space around the outside for the door to open, to secure the ground, and for any plants you may plan to plant to distract from the wheelie bin storage.
  • Last but definitely not least – make sure to choose an area not prone to flooding! 


Wheelie bin storage units tend to come in two main material types – wood and plastic. There are many pros and cons for both models which we will discuss below.

  • Treated timber. These models tend to have a more stylish look about them and can be treated in the same colour as your fence panels to help them blend into the garden. However, they do tend to be more costly and will require considerably more maintenance than plastic models as will need treating annually to protect the wood.
  • Plastic. The benefits of plastic are that they do not require the same amount of maintenance as their timber counterparts, and also tend to be lighter so can be moved if needs be. They should be waterproof and long-lasting. However, there are also downsides to these models. For example, they tend to be less attractive than timber models, especially as the colour fades if they are out in the sun, and they can also get very hot, which can increase the odour coming from your wheelie bins!


Obviously size is important! Different councils have different size bins for different types of recycling so finding wheelie bin storage that is going to fit your bins can be a bit of a challenge. It may sound simple, but make sure to consider space to move the bins in and out, and lift the lids without moving the bins. Many models offer one opening “lid” for when putting rubbish in your bins and another for when moving your bins, whereas others are essentially a small shed that you have to walk into to put your rubbish in.

Equally, as much as you don’t want your wheelie bin storage to be too small, you also don’t want it to be too big and take up too much room in your garden. Some manufacturers advertise their products describing the size of bin they can hold in ml so it is important to find out the size of your bin in this context.

TOP TIP: Measure the size of your bins and then choose a model that is around 15cm bigger than what you need for each bin. This leaves room for movement and changes in sizes of bins – which can happen with certain councils.

Best Budget – Willow Wheelie Bin Screen

Selections Willow Wheelie Bin Screen (Double)
409 Reviews
Selections Willow Wheelie Bin Screen (Double)
  • Measures h:115cm x w:121cm x d:80cm
  • Hand made from woven willow
  • Hinged side panels
  • Can be treated with wood preserve

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Additional Features

There are some additional features that are worth considering before committing to a type of wheelie bin storage that is then going to be in your garden for the foreseeable future!

  • Lockable doors – If you are going to the effort of purchasing wheelie bin storage, then it seems silly for your bins to still not be fully protected. Many models now come with the option to add locks onto the doors so that they cannot be accessed.
  • Ventilated sides – It goes without saying that rubbish smells! Equally, if your wheelie bin storage is in a part of your garden that gets a fair amount of sunlight then this could be a recipe for some unpleasant smells whenever you step into your wheelie bin storage (if purchasing one of the larger makes). Choose a model that has ventilation on the sides to stop the smell from developing – as otherwise, this will only encourage animals to your bins even more.
  • Strong hinges – Most households will go out to their bins every day – if not more than once a day! This means that the doors to your wheelie bin storage will be getting a lot of use. Make sure to choose a model that is high quality, particularly with the hinges, so that you can be sure it is going to last a lifetime!


Many models are designed with ease of assembly in mind, however, it is important to consider what tools you have available if you have anyone to help you, and how capable you are in DIY, before purchasing wheelie bin storage! Most manufacturers provide full instructions for how to erect your storage and suggest the number of people that it will take to complete the work (it is usually a 2 person job!).

Base Building for Your Wheelie Bin Store

As the saying goes – start at the bottom and work your way up! The same applies to wheelie bin storage. A waterproof and solid base will keep your bins clean, stop any damage or wear to your storage and keep it stable and level. Equally, if your store is made out of wood (which a lot of models are) then without a base you are risking having to replace the wood at the base of your store on a more regular basis.

Once you have chosen your location (and we appreciate this can be a hard enough task in itself!) then the next thing to do is to prepare the ground. Be sure to remove any turf or plants that are in the area, as these will only cause you problems down the line if left where they are in an attempt to “make the job easier”.

There are three types of bases that you can choose from for your wheelie bin storage: concrete, slabs or timber.

  • Timber – tends to require less skill and tools, but you have the issue of maintaining the timber and rolling the wheels along the planks (this might sound like something small but after months of getting those small, annoying wheels stuck – you’ll wish you’d gone for another option!).
  • Paving slabs – relatively easy to complete providing you have enough paving slabs and cement mix.

Concrete base – Arguably the best quality base as will give you the flattest surface for wheeling your bins in and out, however, this method does require you to know how to concrete (or to know someone who does!!).

Best of the Rest

Rowlinson BINLRGA2 Apex Bin Store, Natural, 153x81x130 cm
29 Reviews
Rowlinson BINLRGA2 Apex Bin Store, Natural, 153x81x130 cm
  • Attractive storage for 2 wheelie bins
  • Apex style roof
  • Easy access to bins
  • Lifting lids with chains to bin lids
  • Pressure treated against rot

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2 Reviews
  • Handmade to order in the UK - constructed throughout from FSC Pressure Treated Timber
  • Attractive storage solution for 2 x 140L Wheelie Bin
  • Easy access via latched door - Bin lid opens automatically when chest lid raised
  • Supplied flat packed with simple assembly instructions
  • Chest Dimensions: 120 (h) x 122 (w) x 67.5cm (d)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just make my own wheelie bin storage?

In theory yes – but it really is a lot more complicated than that! Building your own wheelie bin storage will take considerable time and money. It actually could end up costing even more than purchasing a model in the first place! In addition to this, many models of wheelie bin storage actually come with warranties, which is something that you will not benefit from if you create one yourself!

Are there any cheaper, smaller wheelie bin options?

Yes! If you are struggling for space in your garden, or you don’t have a massive budget – then fear not, there are options available for you. Some manufacturers have now created wheelie bin “panelling”, often made out of willow or other types of wood. These panels can literally be pushed around your bins when you want them hidden away, and then pulled back when you need to get the bins out once a week.

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