The Ultimate Bird Table Buyer’s Guide

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Bird Table

Whether you are a garden enthusiast or not, there are few people that would not love the delight of birds being in their garden. Bird tables will provide a space for birds to eat, drink and sometimes rest, so it won’t take long for them to know which garden is the place to be! Not only can they help precious birds to survive, but by attracting birds to your garden, bird tables will also add to the beauty of your outdoor space.

There is a vast number of bird tables available on the market, so it can sometimes be difficult choosing the right one for your garden. This article aims to make that process a little bit easier, by going into detail on the things that you need to know about and consider before making your purchase.

Best Pick Bird Table

The Hutch Company XL Ballycastle Bird Table with Anti Bacterial Coating
449 Reviews
The Hutch Company XL Ballycastle Bird Table with Anti Bacterial Coating
  • 6 Sided Hexagonal Durable Siga Slate Effect
  • Twist Out Feet To Increase Stability In High Winds
  • Overall Height: 1720mm Roof Head Size is 520mm x 420mm x 420mm
  • Made in Great Britain from Sustainable Forests - 2 Trees Planted for Every 1 Cut Down
  • Ready Made & Hand Built In The UK Delivered in 3 Parts for Super Easy Assembly

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Only Got 5 Minutes?

There are some main things that you need to consider before purchasing your bird table. We have gone into detail on these things below to help make your purchase an easy one.


The size of your bird table really depends on which types of birds you are wanting to attract to your garden, and also the size of your garden in the first place! Small birds will happily perch on smaller bird tables, but if the feed is difficult to access for larger birds then they will be put off from coming to enjoy your bird table. This might work in your favour if you are wanting to deter larger birds in the hope of keeping the smaller ones happy, but if you are wanting a variety of birds in your garden then it is important to choose a larger bird table.

It is also important to consider that the bigger the bird table,  the less likely birds will be to fight over space and food that you are providing on the bird table. This will lead to you attracting more birds to your garden.


There are two main materials that you will find used for bird tables – wood and plastic. There are many pros and cons of both so you must weigh these up before making a decision on the right bird table for you.

  • Wood has a much more natural look for your garden than plastic and is the material that has been used for a number of years to create bird tables. It is hardy, strong and able to withstand almost any weather (providing they are treated regularly). However, as just mentioned, they will need treating on average once a year if you want them to be long-lasting. One of the most common types of wood used is redwood, as this is hard-wearing and durable, plus has a lovely attractive finish.

TOP TIP: If you are as conscious about the environment as we are, then we would recommend looking for a wood that is FSC certified – this means that you will be helping the environment by purchasing a bird table made with wood that aims to reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Plastic bird tables are becoming more and more popular, due to how cheap they are to purchase and how much easier they are to clean than wooden models. They will also not need treating every year to remain weather resistant but certain colours will fade in the sun. The main downsides to plastic bird tables are that they do not have the same authentic look for your garden, and freestanding models will be more inclined to blow over in heavy winds!
  • Metal – It is rare to find a bird table that is made solely from metal, however many have metal parts included, such as the roof. Make sure to look out for a metal that will be hard-wearing and less likely to discolour. It is worth considering that a metal roof on your bird table will be likely to last longer than a felt roof as is found on many bird tables.

Best Budget Bird Table

Hove Fence Wall Mounted Bird Table | Space Saving Wall Mounted Bird Feeder
807 Reviews
Hove Fence Wall Mounted Bird Table | Space Saving Wall Mounted Bird Feeder
  • Fits Perfectly - Designed To Blend Into Fences & Garden Walls
  • Twin Treated with Anti-Bacterial Marcide Coating to prevent disease spreading
  • Heavy Duty! - Hand Built In The UK From C24 Construction Timber
  • Built To Last - Felt Roof With Food Tray Water Fall Off
  • Top H=255 mm W=260 mm D=255 mm Bracket H=500 mm D=220 mm

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Easy to Clean

It’s very important to consider how easy your bird feeder will be to clean. Birds can be picky if they have a selection of food to choose from (so ungrateful!), which can mean that certain bits of your bird feed could be left behind on the table, as well as other dirt and debris such as poo. Cleaning your bird table regularly will allow it to continue to look brand new for many years to come.

However, some bird tables have no consideration for cleaning – they may have high rims all the way around, or have rougher surfaces that collect this debris. This will quickly frustrate you every time you try to clean your bird table – which if you’re like me, could lead to you not cleaning it at all – so make sure to consider this before your purchase.


The design of your bird table is important firstly because you need to choose a model that is going to look right in your garden, but the design also needs to be considered from a more practical point of view.

Many bird tables will come with a roof to protect bird feed from getting wet. This isn’t just so that your birds don’t have to lower themselves to eating wet food! A lot of bird mix will sludge together if it becomes wet, making it very difficult to remove from your bird table! In winter, it is recommended that you put food out every day if possible – imagine how hard work this will become if you are having to scrape off left-over, sludgy food from the day before putting the new food down!

Also, consider the drainage methods that come with your bird table. This is something that many bird tables do not even consider! With high rims all the way around the bird table to stop the feed falling off (in theory a great idea) but this also allows rainwater to build up and fill your bird table, which will not only ruin the feed you have gone to the effort of purchasing but also could damage the wood on your bird table.

Type of Feeder

Consider the type of feeder that is attached to the top of your bird table, as this will also determine what types of birds come to your bird table! Most will be platform feeders (a simple platform that you can sprinkle food onto). However, some will also have hopper feeders and tube feeders that make it more difficult for birds to pull the food out (but this does make the food last longer),


Bird tables come in a range of colours to suit all gardens and desires. There are many that will come in shades of brown to give a natural look in your garden, however brighter colours are becoming more fashionable to add a dash of colour to your garden. Remember that if you choose to purchase a wooden bird table, this can be painted a different colour after purchase. Although this will mean more work, it could save you a considerable amount of money and mean that you find a bird table that is not just perfect in design, but also in the exact colour that you are wanting for your garden.


Be sure to choose a bird table that has been built to a high standard and therefore is safe for the birds to use. Check that the design of the bird table is structurally sound and that it will be able to withstand a number of birds landing on the table without falling over. It is also important to check for small, simple things such as rough pieces of wood or nails that are sticking out, to avoid any injuries to the birds.

Constructing and Securing

Most bird tables will be very easy to build (and a lot will actually come ready built, especially if you are choosing a plastic model). However, if you are ordering online then for your bird table to be delivered you may find that they will need some construction. Be sure to check this before purchasing to make sure that you have the tools and experience required to build your bird table.

It is also important to consider where your bird table is going to be placed in your garden, so that you can plan how you are going to secure this. Some bird tables can be fixed to walls and fences, whereas others will need securing into the ground, others will be freestanding so this should remove the hassle of securing it (however consider if this is wise in your garden depending on how windy it is where you live). We would recommend choosing a model that is more versatile, so can either be free standing with a pole, or can be removed from the pole and fixed to a wall, this will mean that it can be moved around your garden while you find the place that the birds are most likely to come to!

If opting for a freestanding model, then make sure to choose one that has a heavy, secure base to stop your bird table falling over during bad weather! This is important, as due to the design of many bird tables they will be susceptible to damage should they hit the ground!

Bird Table Post

This is something that is too often overlooked when it comes to buying a bird table! If you are wanting a free standing bird table, held up by a post, then it really is something that you need to consider before purchasing.

We would always recommend looking for the smoothest material you can find for your post (if possible opt for a metal post). The smoother the post, the harder it will be for other wildlife, such as squirrels, to climb up the post and steal the food from your lovely birds!

Charity Bird Tables

Something well worth considering when looking to purchase a bird table is charity designed bird tables, such as the models by the RSPB. These bird tables are designed by people who know what they are talking about when it comes to birds – so will be sure to have birds flocking to your garden. But you will also get a good feeling from purchasing a bird table from one of these organisations, as all of the profits go to supporting bird and other wildlife conservation!

Best of the Rest

The Hutch Company Bath Universal Feather Edge Bird Table
285 Reviews
The Hutch Company Bath Universal Feather Edge Bird Table
  • Universal Open Design Suitable for Birds of all Sizes
  • Made in Great Britain from Sustainable Forests - 2 Trees Planted for Every 1 Cut Down
  • Unique Feather Edge Slated Roof Design & Anti-bacterial Marcide Coating
  • Delivered Fully Assembled In 2 Parts
  • Height 1334mm x Width 350mm x Depth 350mm

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Fully Assembled Fordwich Rare Bird Table Retreat
483 Reviews
Fully Assembled Fordwich Rare Bird Table Retreat
  • Anti Pigeon/Cat Design Attracts Smaller Rare Birds
  • Handbuilt in the UK from Sustainable Low Carbon FSC timber
  • 4.5ft ‘Height Designed’ Optimal Viewing Angle
  • Shipped Ready Made in 2 Parts

Last update on 2022-05-01 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Kingfisher Bronze Copper Effect Solar Powered Bird Hotel
1,933 Reviews
Kingfisher Bronze Copper Effect Solar Powered Bird Hotel
  • Bird Hotel featuring a Bird Bath, Bird Feeder, Garden Light and Built in Planter
  • Manufactured from UV stabilised polyurethane, the bird bath is resistant to all extremes of weather and temperatures
  • Strong and yet lightweight, the bird hotel has an antique bronze finish
  • Solar powered garden light, needs no batteries or mains power
  • Overall size: 50 cm Dia. x 105cm High

Last update on 2022-05-01 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Frequently Asked Questions

Why purchase an adjustable bird table?

There are many benefits to purchasing an adjustable bird table. Changing the height of the feed platforms will help you to attract certain types and sizes of birds. If you are wanting to avoid larger birds being able to take the food, then moving the feed platform closer to the roof (to make the gap between smaller) will help to dissuade bigger birds from using the table.

How can I deter cats and other animals from my bird table?

Choosing a bird table with a higher post (so is further from the ground) will help to deter animals from climbing your bird table. Also, consider bird tables with a metal post – we have provided more information on this above. Lastly, choose a spot in your garden where cats, for example, cannot climb up other things to then jump onto your bird table!

What types of bird feed should I put on my bird table?

It really depends on what birds you are trying to attract to your bird table. There are many leftovers from your home that you can feed to birds, such as pastry, breadcrumbs and rice. Equally many birds, such as blackbirds and thrushes, will love fruit. If you are buying a ready mix feed then choose one that has a good mix of nuts (make sure to avoid salted peanuts as birds cannot process salt), seeds and (if possible) live food such as mealworms.

Should I put water out for the birds too?

Birds will always appreciate clean water to drink and bathe in. This is even more important during the winter when many of the bird’s natural water supplies are frozen and during summer when it is hotter and drier.

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