Log Stores – Your Complete Guide

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Log Store Buyers Guide

Wood burning stoves have increased in popularity greatly over the past few years – but with this comes the need for homeowners to be able to store their own logs so that they are ready to put on the fire! Logs will not burn nearly as effectively (if at all) if they are damp and have not had time to dry out after being cut. Having to nip to your local shop to buy a fresh bag of logs every time you are wanting to use your fire is impractical, expensive and time-consuming! 

Best Pick Log Store

Charles Bentley Nordic Spruce Wood Double Log Store Firewood Storage - Slatted Design Slanted Roof Raised Floor
66 Reviews
Charles Bentley Nordic Spruce Wood Double Log Store Firewood Storage - Slatted Design Slanted Roof Raised Floor
  • Features : 1 x kindling shelf that can be drilled to the log store at your required height. Pressure treated wood, Slatted design and slanted roof to protect against the elements. Raised floor allowing air circulation to dry logs.
  • Material : Nordic spruce wood
  • Dimensions : H152 x W177 x D53.5cm, Slanted Roof: L177 x W56cm
  • Weight : 39kg
  • Assembly Required: Item delivered flat packed however easy assembly with comprehensive instructions included, Capacity: 1, 15m3

Log stores are the perfect solution to this problem. They will house any number of logs for you, keeping them dry, aired and looking neat and tidy, while waiting to be used on your fire. It also allows you the option to stock up on logs if you have free or cheap logs available to you, making using your wood-burning stove an even more appealing option financially. 

But, it is important that you buy the right one, otherwise it could end up being the fuel to your fire itself! Keep reading our complete guide for all you need to know before purchasing your own log store! 

Features of Log Stores 

There are some main things that you need to look out for when purchasing a log store if you are wanting it to last! 


The size of the log store that you need really depends on the number of logs that you are planning on storing and how often they are going to be used and therefore rotated. We would recommend buying the biggest for your budget and for the space that you have available (providing you are then not missing out on the quality) so that you are never short of space for your logs. Sizes vary massively from as small as H35cm x W 107cm x D 50cm to models as large as H 125cm x W 230cm x D 75cm, with every other size in between. Although we appreciate that you won’t want a model that is going to completely take over your garden the bigger you purchase the more you will be able to buy logs on bulk (which usually means a cheaper purchase). 


The number of logs that your log store will hold will be detailed as the “capacity” on product descriptions and is most frequently measured in cubic metres. Log stores range from between 0.5 cubic metres to a massive 1.8 cubic metres (occasionally there are models that go even bigger although you would have to have a need for a lot of wood to justify one of these models)!


It is important to choose a wood store that is made from good quality, pressure treated timber as this will be able to stand the weather that is thrown its way. If possible look for timber that comes from an FSC approved sustainable source, as this is much better for the environment. 


The design of your log store is probably one of the most crucial elements that you need to consider. It is important that the base of the log store is elevated from the ground to avoid both the frame rotting but also the bottom timbers from getting damp. Equally, you will need a model with a secure and strong roof that is slanted down, overlapping the front of the log store, to protect the timbers from the worst of the weather. 

WATCH OUT FOR…Models that have roofs that slant backwards instead of forwards if your log store is going to be located against the wall of your property. If the roof of the log store slants backwards then all the rainwater will slide down the back of the log store (and down the wall of your property) collecting at the back, which could cause serious damp issues! 

Best Budget Log Store

Rowlinson LOGSML1, Natural Timber, Small Log Store
99 Reviews
Rowlinson LOGSML1, Natural Timber, Small Log Store
  • Keeps logs dry and aired
  • Shelf included
  • Easy assembly
  • Pressure treated against rot
  • Natural timber finish

It is also beneficial to look for a model with slatted sides for added ventilation, as this will help the back and sides of the logs to air out as well as the front (unless you are planning on rotating them regularly – which let’s be honest, just isn’t going to happen!). Providing they are designed correctly any rainwater should also fall of these slats, stopping the inside of your log store from becoming damp. 

Bear in mind that colour isn’t everything – most models will be in natural, inoffensive colours such as shades of brown and green. However, you will be able to paint almost all wooden log stores should you so wish. Although this does mean extra time and effort, it means that your log store will fit perfectly in your garden and leave you the ability to look out for other important features instead of just colour. 

If you are purchasing a larger log store then lookout for one that has shelves. This will make it much easier to not only stack your logs but also to make sure that you are always using the oldest, driest logs, instead of these logs getting stuck at the bottom of the pile never to be used! Equally, many Woodburner owners will use one of the shelves for kindling so that this does not get mixed up with the rest of the logs. 

Some models will offer optional doors which can be added, to protect the front of your logs from the weather (which is much more attractive than a piece of tarpaulin) but remember to open your doors regularly so that the logs can air. 

The final thing to consider with the design of your log store is how it actually looks! There are many cheaper log stores on the market that will complete the job just fine, but that is really quite unsightly. Chances are the log store is going to be taking up some space in your garden, so purchasing a model that is an eye-sore is something that you are going to regret! Opt for a model that has a strong good quality frame, in an attractive and in keeping design with the rest of your garden. This will help it to become almost a feature in your garden, as well as a practical store! 

Where to Position Your Log Store 

Obviously we understand that some people will be limited in the places that they can put their log store, but there is always going to be a best way to do it (if possible). Although all log stores are going to come with a roof to protect your logs from the worst of the weather, there aren’t many models that come with a front to protect from driving rain that can quite often occur in the UK! Consider which aspect of your home normally gets the worst of the weather and if possible put your log store against the wall of the house with the logs facing away from this direction. This means that they will be shielded with both the log store and your house from any particularly bad rain, stopping them from getting overly wet. 

It is also important to place your log store onto a flat, hard standing if possible to make sure that it is secure, level and unlikely to suffer any damage from damp or potentially muddy ground underneath it. 

It sounds obvious, but make sure to construct your log store very close, if not exactly where you are planning on leaving it, as they can be incredibly heavy and bulky to move once built! 

TOP TIP: If you are struggling to find somewhere to position your log store where the logs will be fully protected, or live in a home that is hit at all angles with the beautiful British weather, then consider securing some tarpaulin or other waterproof material to the front of your log store during particularly bad weather (such as over winter). If this does not appeal then look for a model that comes with optional doors or a protective cover. 

Best of the Rest

Charles Bentley Wooden Garden Small Log Store Heavy Duty Firewood Storage Nordic Spruce - Slatted Design
72 Reviews
Charles Bentley Wooden Garden Small Log Store Heavy Duty Firewood Storage Nordic Spruce - Slatted Design
  • Features : 1 x kindling shelf that can be drilled to the log store at your required height. Pressure treated wood, slatted design and slanted roof to protect against the elements. Raised floor allowing air circulation to dry logs.
  • Material : Nordic spruce
  • Dimensions : H152 x W119 x D53.5cm, Slanted roof: L119 x D56cm
  • Weight : 29kg
  • Assembly Required: Self-assembly required, instructions provided, Capacity: 0, 76m3
7 Reviews
  • Lifetime structural warranty on rack
  • Precision Manufacturing and Crafting
  • UV stable Powder-coat finish
  • Made in the USA
  • Seasoning cover included
QUICK STAR ALUMINIUM firewood rack anthracite 143 x 70 x 145 cm garden firewood shelter 1.4 m³ firewood storage stacking aid outside
  • Length: Approx. 143 cm, depth: approx. 70 cm, height: front approx. 130 cm, rear approx. 145 cm
  • The 70cm depth offers space for 2 logs in a row to fully utilize the space
  • Space for 1.4m³ space meter wood or well 2 SRM / bulk room meters
  • Material: aluminum, silver grey (RAL7001) painted. Roof made of polycarbonate panels 6mm. Roof frame aluminum: 15x39mm, legs aluminmium: 40x40mm. The side panels and the entire subframe are made of powder-coated aluminium for high stability
  • Roof made of 6mm polycarbonate sheets / double wall sheets with aluminum profiles Roof frame aluminum: 15x39mm

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I expect my log store to last?

This really depends on the material that your log store is made from, and how well it is maintained and looked after over the years. However, we would suggest that a good quality log store, that is properly maintained, should last up to 15 years! So you will be more than getting your money’s worth!

Are log stores difficult to build?

Most manufacturers will provide details of roughly how long they will take to build, and the tools and the number of people that are needed to get the job done! We would suggest that most logs stores will take around 30 minutes, for two people to build, using standard tools that you will already have lying around the house. Although if you do have electric tools then the job will obviously be completed much quicker! Some models offer the option of being erected for you, but you will usually have to pay a fee.

What guarantee will a log store come with?

Most log stores will come with at least a 5-year guarantee, although some good quality models will offer a guarantee of up to 15 years against rot and wear to the frame. This is on the condition that the log store has been well looked after though so remember to take the time to maintain it every so often! 

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