Do you have any questions?

Our shed review website is constantly changing, evolving, getting better and getting even more content. We have put together a basic list of our most frequently asked questions for you have to have a read through at your leisure. We are constantly adding to this list, so check back again soon for more FAQ’s.

Should you have any more questions don’t hesitate to get in contact via our contact form which can be found here.

Alternatively, you can contact us via Social Media, we are on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Why don’t you display pricing?

We often get asked why we don’t show the prices of our products in our reviews. There is a very simple answer to this, we provide links on our reviews to various websites that have the items we are reviewing for sale. The majority of these tend to be linked to Amazon. Websites such as this have pricing that can fluctuate literally on a minute by minute basis.

If we published pricing on our reviews, they would not only become out of date the minute they were published, they would also be misleading. The last thing we want to do is review a range of products, you decide on a product and feel that it’s price is a deciding factor, only to find it has increased for whatever reason.

So we feel it is best to review the products independent of price, we can still advise on which is the budget and premium products, but we leave the price exploration to you as our visitor.

What brands do you review?

We review a whole host of brands here at Garden Shed Reviews. We take a look at the latest garden sheds and garden buildings, decide if they are worthy of review and if so perform in depth research and analysis of the product taking hours, sometimes days to ensure we can provide our visitors with the best information to make a decision on their next purchase.


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