Best Chicken Manure Compost
Plant Care

All About Chicken Manure Pellets

Whether you buy it online; from a garden centre; or compost it yourself, all budding gardeners are aware of the importance of fertilising. The majority of us aren’t particularly keen on dousing our gardens in […]

Best Grass Seed
Garden Care

Best Grass Seed UK

Kids like to play on it, pets like to potter on it; we like to picnic on it and top up our tans on it – a lawn is the centrepiece of any UK garden, […]

Best Moss Killer For Lawns
Lawn Care

Best Moss Killer for Lawns

Ask any green-fingered enthusiast about moss and wait for the eye-roll!!! Moss is a small, green, flowerless plant that, at first glance, appears harmless. Granted, it might not actually kill your grass, but it looks […]

Best Edging Shears
Garden Tools

Best Edging Shears

If only you could manoeuvre your trusty lawn mower that little bit further to the edges of your lawn – you’re practically millimeters away from achieving the perfect finish but the blades of the mower […]

Best Lawn Spiker
Lawn Care

Best Lawn Spiker – Buyers Guide

You’re looking at your lawn and thinking, ‘What’s going wrong?’ You feed it, you mow it, you water it during dry spells, but it still looks a little, shall we say, lacklustre. It’s not quite […]