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Best Propagators

Germinating your own seeds can be a bit of a challenge – especially if you are wanting to do it time effectively and do it right the first time. We all remember those school days […]

Best Edging Shears
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Best Edging Shears

If only you could manoeuvre your trusty lawn mower that little bit further to the edges of your lawn – you’re practically millimeters away from achieving the perfect finish but the blades of the mower […]

Best Lawn Spreader
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A Lawn spreader Buyers Guide

Whether you’re laying an entirely new lawn or trying to tackle pesky patches, to ensure the best results it’s essential that grass seed and fertiliser are applied evenly and accurately over the outdoor area being […]

Best Leaf Blower
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Leaf Blowers vs. Leaf Vacuums

Raking leaves up in your garden is one of those thankless tasks that never seems to end! You can spend hours raking all the leaves in, to then blink and see that your garden is […]

best wood burning stove
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Best Wood Burning Stoves for 2021

When it’s dark, wet and cold outside (typical UK weather!), there’s nothing better than coming inside to the welcoming sight of a roaring fire. Wood burning stoves have made this a reality for UK homeowners, […]

Lawn Aerator Buyers Guide
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Best Lawn Aerator Buyer’s Guide

Many of us know the frustrations of trying to get our lawn looking picture perfect. From regular mowing to trying every product under the sun – yet nothing seems to get your grass looking fresh, […]

Potting Bench Buyers Guide
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Best Potting Bench Buyers Guide

The potting bench is one of those pieces of gardening kit that you never knew you needed until you have one, and then you wonder how you lasted so long without it! A quality potting […]

Ride on Lawnmower Buyers Guide
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Best Ride-On Lawnmowers Buyers Guide

Ride-on lawnmowers used to be gardeners’ dreams, but very rarely the reality. However, in recent years they have become more affordable and more practical for many garden lovers. Speaking from experience, many hours have been […]

Chainsaw Trousers Buyers Guide
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Best Chainsaw Trousers Buying Guide

Anyone who has worked with a chainsaw before will know what powerful pieces of equipment they are – and if you are new to the world of woodcutting then you will just have to take […]

Patio Cleaner Buyers Guide
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Best Patio Cleaner Buyer’s Guide

Almost all homes have a patio area of some size, or at least some decking or paving slabs around the property! This means that almost all garden owners will understand the frustration and difficulty of […]