Weed Killer Buyers Guide
Garden Tools

Best Weed Killer Buyers Guide

A weed: a plant growing somewhere it isn’t wanted. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending numerous weekends mowing, pruning and trimming, preparing your garden for the summer ahead when you look out the window one […]

Rotavator Buyers Guide
Garden Accessories

A Complete Rotavator Buyer’s Guide

No matter how much you love your garden, everyone will agree there is nothing more laborious than digging and tilling the soil in your garden. But it is one of those jobs that just has […]

Leaf Blower Buyers Guide
Garden Accessories

The Best Leaf Blower Buyer’s Guide

Leaves covering your garden is the burden that many garden lovers have to deal with. They discolour your decking and paving, and turn your lawn into a muddy mess! Yet no matter how many times […]

Lawn Scarifier
Garden Accessories

A Scarifier Buyer’s Guide

If your garden and lawn is your true pride and joy, then you will understand the annoyance of not being able to get that green and healthy look from your lawn. No matter how many […]

Petrol Lawnmower Buyers Guide
Garden Accessories

Ultimate Petrol Lawnmowers Buyer’s Guide

Whether you have a large acreage of garden, or a postage-stamp-sized lawn, there is a petrol mower for everyone. The production of cheaper petrol lawnmowers has made them more accessible for everyone – and why […]

Leaf Vacuum Buyers Guide
Garden Tools

The best Leaf vacuum buyers guide

Autumn: the season of blue skies, misty mornings, beautiful sunrises and a bright red glow in the sky as the sun sets at the end of the day. Sound perfect? It very nearly is, but […]

Electric Chainsaws
Garden Tools

An Electric Chainsaw Buyer’s Guide

Electric chainsaws are powerful tools that can save you considerable time when working with wood. Gone are the days when you have to use a traditional axe for all of your woodcutting jobs – yes […]

Garden Shredder Buyers Guide
Garden Tools

A garden shredders buyers guide

If you’re someone who likes to keep on top of their garden, you’ll no doubt despair at the hassle that comes with disposing of garden waste – whether that be a trip to the local […]