All About Lavender

Everything You Need to Know About Lavender

Lavender (Lavandula) is beautiful not just in colour, but also in scent – giving off a fresh aroma that will fill your garden many times throughout the year. It’s eye-catching appearance and the fact that […]

Bug Hotel

Build your own bug hotel

A bug hotel, also known as an insect hotel or insect house, is a structure created to provide shelter for insects. There are no set rules when it comes to building your own bug hotel […]

Ceanothus Plant Care
Plant Care

How to Grow Ceanothus

Ceanothus is a smaller, yet beautiful shrub, with glorious sky-blue flowers that bloom for a couple of months through the year. Also known as Californian Lilacs, this plant comes in many forms, all slightly different, […]

Wisteria Care Guide
Plant Care

Everything You Need to Know About Wisteria

Native to China and Japan, Wisteria is a glorious, brightly coloured plant that is relatively easy to grow in your garden. Usually found with purple, pink, white or blue blooms that will climb up any […]

Weed Membrane

All You Need to Know About Weed Membrane

Sick of your lovely garden being taken over by unruly weeds? Fed up of spending more time pulling up weeds than actually tending to the plants that you want in your garden? Wanting to avoid […]

Plant Care

All About Pyracantha

Pyracantha (common name, Firethorn) is a popular, hardy plant that comes from the Rosaceae family. Labelled Firethorn because of its beautifully bright berries that “fire” from Autumn through to Spring, this plant deserves a home […]

How to kill ivy
Plant Care

How to Kill Ivy

Ivy can be an attractive addition to any home, whether growing up the walls of your property for that desirable “chocolate box cottage” look or used in the garden as a filler for those areas […]

How top stop a cat pooping in your garden

How to Stop Cats Pooping in Your Garden

How do you stop a cat pooping in your garden? Through the use of natural remedies, motion-sensing sprinklers, ultrasonic deterrent and chicken wire. But which is best? We take a look in depth below. There […]


Everything you need to know about Gardenia

Are you looking for a compact garden reinforcement? A natural home-décor solution like no other? Meet Gardenia! The shrub that can give your landscape the floral flair it deserves. Whilst many only see its outer […]


Climbing Roses – Your Complete Guide

Often deemed a transformational shrub by gardeners in the UK, Climbing Roses allow you to spruce up any boundary, reinforce privacy, and conceal any teared-up wall; while still producing heavy blooms. With climbing roses, you […]