Best Watering Can – A 2021 Buyers Guide

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Best Watering Can

A watering can really is one of the most essential tools that you are going to need to care for your garden plants or house plants. All plants need water – there is no denying that, so a watering can is the solution to make sure that they are getting enough water regularly. You may think that only indoor plants really need watering, but actually most outdoor plants do, as they don’t necessarily get enough naturally sourced water. This is particularly the case for potted plants in your garden, or plants in raised bedding areas, as the natural water that flows through the ground isn’t going to access these spots! 

Watering cans are always going to be relatively cheap, so for such a small investment, you can save yourself an incredible amount of time and effort – particularly if you have a number of plants that need watering! Not only this, but with the increase in popularity of gardening and keeping indoor plants, there are now many watering cans that are designed to be kept on show for all to see, featuring stylish designs and colours! 

Whatever the reason for you looking to invest in a watering can, we are here to help! We have included some of the best watering cans around for you to choose from – along with the main features that we think are worth considering! 

Best Pick – HORTICAN Galvanized Watering Can

HORTICAN Galvanized Watering Can Modern Style Watering Pot with Handle for Outdoor and Indoor House Plants … (3.8L, Znic)
1,253 Reviews
HORTICAN Galvanized Watering Can Modern Style Watering Pot with Handle for Outdoor and Indoor House Plants … (3.8L, Znic)
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL AND DECORATIVE:Classic watering can design works overtime indoors and out.
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN: Easy-to-use top pump & the ring-finger holder. Comfortable design great spritzer for watering small plants like succulents or herbs, inside your office and home.
  • LARGE-CAPACITY AND LIGHTWEUGHT:1 GAL capacity help you hold it very easily with comfortable tubular handle. The watering can is a long-time customer favorite.
  • Thicker Material than Others:Made of galvanized steel, which provides good protection against rust.
  • Perfect Gift: This premium watering can be a great gift for your friends and family members.

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In A Hurry?

Ready to start taking care of your plants and make your life easier? Wanting a lovely forest of flowers in the corner or your living room or maybe healthy hanging baskets outside your front door? You are going to need a watering can to get there – so keep reading!

Watering Can Size 

By far the most important thing to think about is the size of the watering can that you are going to need. This is important not just for the space that it is going to take up, but the size that you are going to be carrying around and the amount of water that it is going to be able to carry as well. We would always recommend checking both the actual size dimensions and the capacity that the watering can is able to carry. 

Watering can capacities range from around 5 litres up to around 15 litres. It can sometimes be difficult to know what capacity is actually going to work for the area that you have to work with. If you have large bedding areas, big plants or a significant number of potted plants then you are probably going to need around a 10 litre. However, if you only have a small bedding area, a backyard with some pots or a few house plants then a 5 litre capacity should be a big enough watering can for you. Remember to consider the weight that you are feasibly going to be able to carry – there is no point opting for a big 10 litre model if you will struggle to lift it to high hanging baskets. 

Watering Can Materials

Most watering cans are going to be made from either plastic or metal.

Plastic is the cheapest option and although plenty durable enough to cope with carrying the water, they can be prone to cracking or denting if they are thrown in your shed or left lying around for too long. We also found that they can tend to discolour if left out in the sun for too long, as there aren’t many plastic models that come with a UV-protection coating! But, they are lightweight and cost effective so are definitely a good option. 

If you are wanting a longer lasting watering can, or maybe just a model that offers a more traditional look, then metal is probably going to be the choice for you. This long lasting material will remain free from rust for an incredibly long time – especially if you opt for a galvanised steel model! Although they aren’t going to be quite as light, they are much more durable and can cope with a few knocks! Not only this, but thanks to their traditional finish, they can be left on show as a feature in your garden or home when they are not in use! 

NOTE: You will also find some watering cans that are made from brass. Although harder to come by, these watering cans are incredibly stylish if you are wanting them for a feature. They are also going to be very long lasting, so although slightly more expensive – you are definitely going to be getting your money’s worth!

Watering Can Nozzle 

The watering can nozzle is attached to the end of the spout of the watering can. Some watering cans will come with them automatically, whereas with others you will have to buy this separately if it is something that you think you are going to need! They are also known as the “rose” of the watering can – which can get a little confusing considering what they are used for! The main purpose of the nozzle is to spread the water over a wider surface area, so that you don’t get a heavy stream of water in one place and none in another area. Remember though, that if you are wanting your watering can for indoor plants – a nozzle is probably not going to be ideal unless it is very small as you will find water going everywhere other than where it should! 

Look at the size of the nozzle on your watering can and the direction of flow for the water, as this will give you a clear indication of whether the nozzle is going to be suitable for your tubs or not. You also need to look at the size of the holes on your nozzle as this will determine the flow of the water. Smaller holes are going to lead to a lighter flow which is perfect for seedlings and delicate plants that don’t need a lot of water. Whereas, larger holes are much better for if you quickly want to water a large area. 

TOP TIP: Not all watering cans are going to come with a nozzle, which could leave you having to purchase a universal model. These aren’t going to be compatible with all watering cans so make sure to check for this before you buy. 

Watering Can Design

There is something so traditional and British about a watering can, so it is no wonder that so many people are now choosing to leave them on show as a feature in the garden or in your home when they are not in use! If this sounds like you then the design and appearance of your watering can is going to be more important. 

Make sure to find a colour that is going to be right for you. There are now many more than just silver, black and green, but a wide variety of different colours to match the room or spot in the garden that you are wanting them for!

It is also worth looking at the actual design of the watering come, some will come with more intricate handles or sloping spouts to make them stand out more from the crowd!

Best Budget – Eden 2 litre indoor watering can

Eden 2 litre indoor watering can mint green
660 Reviews
Eden 2 litre indoor watering can mint green
  • Long reach
  • Ideal for indoor & greenhouse use
  • Easy grip handle
  • Capacity: Approx 2 Litre
  • Material: PE (polyethylene)

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Finding The Best Watering Can…

If you have already started looking for a watering can then you will have probably found that there are MANY on the market to choose from. This can make it really difficult to know which is going to offer you the best value for money (and be the best for you and your plants). Here are some of our favourite features that are worth looking out for! 


The handle of your watering can is the bit that you are holding onto so it’s important that it does the job! Look out for handles made from warm, soft materials that will be more comfortable to use, such as rubber or wood. Metal handles are going to be cold and uncomfortable to use in extreme heat or cold. 

It is also worth checking the size of the handle and the number of handles that are on your watering can. Larger handles are going to be much easier to get a grip on comfortably, particularly for anyone with bigger hands. We also really like watering cans that have two handles – one on the side and the other on the top. This makes it much easier to carry your watering can around when you aren’t watering but then hold the other handle when you are wanting to pour the water onto your plants. 

Design Features 

There are various design features that are really going to make a difference to the overall use of your watering can:

  • Balcony Watering Can – Specifically named as they are perfect for anyone who has a very small number of plants – such as on a balcony – because of their small size! 
  • Kids Watering Can – If you are wanting to get your children or grandchildren involved in the gardening process then look out for children’s watering cans. These will come in fun designs and are perfectly designed so that your children will want to join in with their gardening tool! 
  • Spout size – Make sure to check the spout size on your watering can. Longer spouts are going to help you access hanging baskets that are high up, but shorter spouts are better for house plants when you need to be careful pouring! 
  • Fill lines – The best way to check how much your plants are going to need watering is to opt for a watering can with a fill line. This will make it clear what you have watered and when. It is also the best way to check if you have added the correct amount of feed and water if you have a liquid feed. 

TOP TIP: If you are still worrying about watering your plants, then why not opt for an automatic watering system! These are the best way to ensure your plants are wanted as and when you need them to be – but are definitely going to cost more than a watering can! 

Best of the Rest

St@llion 6L Watering Can, Green Plastic Watering Can with Rose Garden Plants Indoor Outdoor Water Sprinkler for Easy Pouring and Better Control (Green, Pack of 1)
85 Reviews
St@llion 6L Watering Can, Green Plastic Watering Can with Rose Garden Plants Indoor Outdoor Water Sprinkler for Easy Pouring and Better Control (Green, Pack of 1)
  • Green colour Watering Can Complete with detachable sprinkler rose to control water flow, Robust and hardwearing
  • This indoor and outdoor watering can is used to water plants in more easy way. By the help of this 6L gardening water plant you can wash your plants without creating mess. Long spout to make watering plants easy. Handles to make pouring easy.
  • This large watering is specifically designed for gardens and parks. Make your life easy, instead of using pipes and creating a huge mess use this specially made water can to water your plants.
  • This high quality water can is used to sprinkle water on the leaves, wash them by hand and keep them save from being washed with high pressure pipe water. Pipe water can damage your plants and may ruin all your efforts, use this specially designed instrument and love your plants more and more.
  • Measures 40 cm length by 11 cm width by 31 cm height, Watering can has a capacity of 6 litres, Box Contains-1 x 6 L Watering Can

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CUQOO 6L Watering Can In Green – Lightweight Watering Can For Garden - Watering Can Indoor & Outdoor with Detachable Sprinkler Rose Head – Hydrate Water Can for Garden Plants Water Sprinkler
764 Reviews
CUQOO 6L Watering Can In Green – Lightweight Watering Can For Garden - Watering Can Indoor & Outdoor with Detachable Sprinkler Rose Head – Hydrate Water Can for Garden Plants Water Sprinkler
  • CUQOO WATERING CAN – The CUQOO watering can is perfect for watering plants, hanging baskets and vegetable plots. Can be used for both Indoor and Outdoor plants and seeds.
  • STYLISH CAN – Available in a beautiful red or garden green, the CUQOO watering can is modern touch to your garden. It is also very stylish and is a very nice watering can to have.
  • FEATURES – Complete with detachable sprinkler rose to control water flow. This durable watering can is perfect for all your gardening needs, indoor and outdoor!
  • HANDLE – This green watering can with a detachable sprinkler comes with a firm and strong handle to help you control the water flow.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – Made from re-cycled eco-friendly and long-lasting plastic the CUQOO watering can is extremely light and at the same time sturdy.

Last update on 2022-07-03 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Frequently Asked Questions 

Will a metal watering can rust? 

Depending on the type of metal that you opt for, there is going to be the chance that it may rust over time. Galvanised steel is a strong material and should last for some time without rusting, but if you find yourself getting chips and dents in the watering can that affects the outer coating then this could lead to rust forming. 

Can plant feed go in a watering can? 

You will definitely be able to add liquid plant feed to your watering can and many other types of feed as well! The important thing is to make sure that you get the measures right – which can be done with a watering can with measuring guides on the side! Just make sure that the feed is fully dissolved/mixed before you start pouring or it could block the holes on your nozzle! 

How can I tell if my plants need watering? 

Traditionally, the best way to check if your plants need watering is to check the soil. If the soil feels damp then you are ok, but if the soil is dry then you need to add water. But, there is actually a lot more to it than just that as sometimes you may have soil that holds water! Consider whether your plant is growing new leaves and producing flowers (at the right time of year) – if it isn’t then chances are it needs more water. Also check the colour and shape of your leaves – if they become dull and change shape, starting to curl, then you need to be giving your plant more water. 

When should I water my plants? 

For indoor plants, it doesn’t really matter when you water them – although arguably best practice would still be in the morning. For outdoor plants, you are definitely best to water them in the morning. This is because as the sun comes up the plants will start needing the water! It is important to not water your outdoor plants through the middle of the day, as most of the water will just evaporate and it can even lead to scorching on the leaves if left in direct sunlight!

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