Best Raised Planters

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Best Raised Planters

There are many reasons why you might be considering purchasing a raised planter. They are the perfect solution for anyone that is struggling to keep their plants safe from dogs, cats, young children and other wildlife that may be wanting to use your bedding area for their own toilet or entertainment, as your plants will be considerably higher from the ground. But it isn’t just these plant wreckers that your plants will be protected from, but also creepy crawlies such as slugs, snails and other insects. Keeping your plants safe and raised from ground level can be a perfect solution for any garden owner, whether you are a cultivating enthusiast or just want to add a nice feature to your garden. 

But raised planters aren’t just there to help the plants – although they do this in abundance – there are also so many ways that they can help you! A raised planter is going to be perfect for anyone that suffers from back or knee problems, as the planter will allow you to work whilst standing. Equally, anyone that has to garden from their wheelchair will be able to work with bedding plants in a raised planter. 

There are SO many practical reasons why you should buy a raised planter, but also it is worth mentioning that actually….they just look nice! They can really draw attention to the plants in your garden and make a lovely feature whether you have a large outdoor space or a smaller backyard. So keep reading for some of the best raised planters and what you need to look for when buying! 

Best Pick – Blumfeldt Altiplano 150 Raised-Bed

Blumfeldt Altiplano 150 Raised-Bed (150x76cm, Cultivation Area Incl, Non-Woven Mesh, Scandinavian Pine Wood
74 Reviews
Blumfeldt Altiplano 150 Raised-Bed (150x76cm, Cultivation Area Incl, Non-Woven Mesh, Scandinavian Pine Wood
  • Simple raised-bed for growing your own vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers | Large cultivation area 150 x 76 cm | Garden without having to bend over thanks to its height of 79 cm
  • Entirely made of European pine wood | Boiler pressure waterproofed (no glacing or painting necessary, weatherproof, long lived)
  • Space-saving: does not require a garden, works for any balcony | Wood finished with a protective coating | Easy assembly
  • The green thumb: The  Blumfeldt  Altiplano 150  raised-bed  makes any terrace, courtyard or balcony into a green oases.
  • Become a gardener and grow your own vegetables or fruit. With the  Blumfeldt Altiplano 150, grow the organic, fresh, delicious food that your heart desires. Strawberries, tomatoes, zucchini, and herbs will never taste better. Don't have a garden? The  Blumfeldt  Altiplano 150 will turn the smallest balcony, paved courtyard or terrace into a small garden in no time. An area of 150 x 76 cm can be gardened on a whim. And the best part...

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In A Hurry? 

If you are ready to start your planting season but your garden is not, or maybe you have had one too many plants damaged or destroyed and have reached your limit! Whatever your reason for being in a hurry to purchase the best raised planter, this is where you need to be. 


The first thing that you need to think about before choosing your raised planter is the reason that you are buying it and what you are planning on using it for (apart from plants obviously!). This will determine the shape, size and style of planter that is going to be best for you. For example, some raised planters come in a V shape which is going to allow vegetables and long rooted plants to bury deeper into the soil, whereas flowers and plants that are more “surface level” risk developing root rot if they are in a planter with so much soil. This is because the roots of the plant won’t be able to soak up the large amount of water that sits in the soil sufficiently so the soil will remain overly damp. 

When looking at the purpose of your raised planter you also need to think about how the raised planter needs to work for YOU. For example, if you are buying the raised planter because of back problems or maybe because you are working in a wheelchair then you are going to need a more specific height for your raised planter. Not only that, but if you are just wanting to be able to work more comfortably then you will need a raised planter that is at waist height. If you are wanting a raised planter purely to protect it from pets or insects then you can probably get away with a lower planter that will allow a better view of the plants you are growing. 


When choosing between different sizes of planters there are two factors you need to think about – the physical size of the planter and the capacity that it can hold! The size of your planter is largely going to be determined by the space that you have in your garden and the size of plants that you are actually wanting to grow! We found that measurements ranged from as small as 70cm x 30cm up to closer to 150cm x 70cm. Remember to bear in mind that bigger isn’t always better – a raised planter that is too large can be as bad for your plants as a planter that is too small. The perfect size is to have around 2-3 inches of space around the plant. 

Once you have decided on the size of your planter you also need to think about the overall capacity that is going to be best for you. A larger planter is obviously going to be better suited to growing vegetables and shrubs that will need more space to grow under the ground (as well as above the ground). Capacities range considerably from as little as 40L up to 350L (and sometimes more). 

Build Material 

When looking at different raised planters you will find that most are going to be made from wood or plastic – although most commonly wood! There are pros and cons to both so it will be up to you to figure out which is going to be best for you. 

Let’s start by thinking about plastic – we love how light this material is, as it will give you the flexibility of being able to move your raised planter around the garden depending on the time of year, weather and plants that you are growing at any particular time. Not only this, but you will even have the flexibility of being able to move your raised planter into a garage/shed for winter months! We also like that plastic is going to be rot free and need relatively little maintenance. However there are downsides….plastic is going to be considerably lighter, which can be a plus but this does also mean that it could be blown around in heavy winds. Not only this, but in the long run it is not going to be as durable as wooden models can be (but this is reflected in the price). 

Your other main option is going to be a wooden raised planter. This is obviously going to give you a much more traditional and natural look in your garden, so will blend in much more with the environment. Not only this, but the solid material means that your raised planter is going to be incredibly durable and long lasting! You can also be much more sure that it will be able to withstand more adverse weather conditions and keep your plants safe. However, the fact that wood is prone to rot over time does mean that you are going to have to complete maintenance a couple of times a year. But, if you are prepared to complete this maintenance then you will be rewarded with a raised planter that will last for up to 15 years! You also need to consider that wooden raised planters will be harder to move around the garden due to their weight! 

Best Budget – Selections Metal Raised Vegetable Bed

Selections Metal Raised Vegetable Bed in Green (100cm x 30cm)
212 Reviews
Selections Metal Raised Vegetable Bed in Green (100cm x 30cm)
  • 100cm L x 100cm W x 30cm H raised bed
  • Made from green painted steel
  • Great for growing vegetables
  • Easy to assemble

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Additional Raised Planters Features

For those of you that never settle for second best, just considering the main features above won’t be enough – and rightly so. If you are investing time and money in a raised planter then it makes sense to purchase the best that you can for your budget, so keep reading for the features we found in the best raised planters! 

  • Legs – One of the main additional features is looking at the legs of the raised planter, as these are going to have a lot of weight and pressure to handle! Make sure that they have stabilizing beams connecting them if you want them to stay as strong as possible. Some also have “crossed” legs that will help to distribute the weight more evenly. 
  • Protected feet – Whilst looking at the legs, it is worth also checking whether they have plastic or rubber feet on the bottom. These will not only help to keep your raised planter in place, but still protect the ground they are situated on. They will also protect the legs of your raised planter from the dampness of the floor by creating a barrier between the two. This will help to prevent rotting of the wooden legs. 
  • Pressure treated wood – The best wooden raised planters will come with pressure treated wood. This type of pre-treatment essentially pushes the treatment into the layers of wood, helping to keep them protected from rot and damp for much longer! 
  • FSC  wood – FSC certified wood basically means that the trees used to make the wood have been cut from more eco friendly suppliers who replant trees after cutting. This makes the process much more sustainable which is so important! 
  • Assembly – We found that there was a massive variation in how easy these raised planters are to build. Some come nearly fully assembled with legs that simply need to be clicked into place whereas others were much more complicated than that. Bigger models are going to take two people and some power tools to be built safely so this is worth checking for before you buy. 
  • Colour – The type of wood that is used is obviously going to affect the colour of your raised planter – whereas plastic models usually come in black. What we do like about the lighter coloured wooden models is that they can be painted in almost any colour to match your garden if you so wish! 

Add Ons…

  • Wheels – If you are wanting to move your raised planter around the garden then it may be worth looking for one of the rarer models that come on wheels. This will make it much easier to move your raised planter depending on the sunlight, weather and time of year etc.
  • Shelves – Some raised planters come with shelving underneath. Not only will this help to secure the legs and hold them in place, but it provides a perfect place to store your regularly used gardening tools and other crucial bits and bobs that you need when working in your planter. 
  • Partitioned planter – Most raised planters come all as one, which allows massive flexibility in the plants that you choose to grow and the positions that you put them in. Not only this, but it allows you to create a beautiful feature of your planter. However, if you are wanting to use your raised planter for growing vegetables, shoots, or seedlings then this may be far from practical! In these situations you will be much better suited with a partitioned planter that allows you to section off the different plants.
  • Basin liner – If you are wanting to give your wooden raised planter the best chance of lasting then look out for models where the basin is lined. This will help to provide a barrier between the damp soil and the wood, which will help the wood to last for longer without rotting. 
  • Self-watering raised planter – For anyone that is short of time but still wanting to grow and care for their plants or maybe just someone that is wanting to make sure their plants are getting EXACTLY the right amount of water. If either of these sound like you then look out for self-watering raised planters. These will monitor the level of water in the soil and self-water the plants from a store of water should the soil get too dry! 

Best of the Rest

The Fellie Raised Garden Kits Wooden Herb Planter Raised Bed Container Garden Plant Stand Bed, L244xW61xH25.5cm
23 Reviews
The Fellie Raised Garden Kits Wooden Herb Planter Raised Bed Container Garden Plant Stand Bed, L244xW61xH25.5cm
  • 🍄[Brief Specification] -- Overall size of wooden plant grow box is 244x61x25.5cm (W*D*H). The size of board is 120x57x25cm (W*D*H). The thickness is 1.3cm.
  • 🍄[Wide Application]--This versatile flower elevated raised bed can be used both indoors and outside in gardens, patios, balconies, greenhouse and etc..
  • 🍄[Less Digging] - The garden raised beds for plant growing doesn’t make the soil become compacted and it can help drainage and avoid soil waterlogged.
  • 🍄[High Quality&Stable] -- The raised garden kits is constructed from strong and durable fir wood. It’s perfect for tomatoes, strawberries, herbs, plants and flowers.
  • 🍄[Assemble Required]-- This plant raised bed for garden is semi-finished product. Come with a user manual, the garden raised kit is very easy to install.

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Vegtrug RP6001N Raised Planter - Natural
136 Reviews
Vegtrug RP6001N Raised Planter - Natural
  • Includes Pre Formed Liner
  • Added Feet Covers
  • Perfect For A Balcony Or Small Garden

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Raised Garden Bed Planter,- Wooden Elevated Planter Garden Box for Vegetable/Flower/Herb Outdoor Solid Wood
10 Reviews
Raised Garden Bed Planter,- Wooden Elevated Planter Garden Box for Vegetable/Flower/Herb Outdoor Solid Wood
  • 【Sufficient Space for Planting】 - The storage space of this raised garden beds is ample enough to plant vegetables, herbs and flowers or some deep-rooted plant. Besides, raised bed kit can kindly keep and maintain moisture for plant inside and promote better growth of plants.
  • 【Stable and Durable Frame】- Garden bed is made of long-lasting solid fir wood which is stable and durable enough to strongly support the weight from the garden bed itself and plant.Besides, the fence shape is convenient for you to take care of plant or water them.
  • 【 Metal Connectors】--- Never worry about your raised garden bed’s corner broken or split, this thick resistant-rust metal connector can protect your garden bed ,This will be the most stable garden bed.
  • 【Multiple Choice】- This raised bed planters for garden can be placed not only at patios, porches, decks, or garden. It features nice looking and practical function. You can also build it to the size you want, depending on your needs.
  • 【Easy Assembly】- Hardware and assembly manual are included. Specific assembly steps are clearly shown. All hardware are all listed and numbered for your reference.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What warranty comes with a raised planter? 

We found that raised planters tend to come with between a 1 year and a 4 year warranty. This largely depends on the build material and the quality of the product so is well worth checking for! However, we did find that most raised planters will last for between 10 and 15 years so you should be confident that your raised planter will be able to stand up to a lot of use! 

What maintenance does a wooden raised planter need? 

If you are buying a wooden raised planter then it is going to need some maintenance if you are wanting it to last, not only this but they will probably need this maintenance for the warranty to be valid. You are going to need to treat your raised planter once or twice a year to avoid the wood from becoming overly damp and beginning to rot.

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