Best Lawn Feed – Complete Buyers Guide (2021)

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Best Lawn Feed

If you are wanting the best for your lawn then you are going to need to treat it to some care and attention with a lawn feed. People often forget that your lawn is a living, growing THING and therefore it is going to need certain nutrients and vitamins to be able to grow successfully. The best way to provide it with these nutrients is to purchase a lawn feed that is going to be specifically designed to support the growth, thickness, colour and just the overall health of your lawn feed. 

Unfortunately, your lawn can become brown and discoloured, patchy and thin, and can be irreparably damaged by disease. To avoid this, or even just to promote the health and growth of an already established lawn, you need a lawn feed. But, depending on the time of year, the type of lawn and your own needs, there are different lawn feeds that you are going to need. So keep reading for all that you need to know, and to find out about some of the best lawn feeds we found! 

Our Pick Best Lawn Feed – Nature Safe Fertilizer Lawn Feed

Nature Safe Fertilizer Lawn Feed & Seed 10kg, Brown
180 Reviews
Nature Safe Fertilizer Lawn Feed & Seed 10kg, Brown
  • 100% organic based plant material mixed with lawn seed
  • Feeds and seeds your lawn
  • No Chemicals
  • No animal by-products
  • Pollinator (bees & butterflies) Safe

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In A Hurry?

Fed up with your brown and damaged lawn? Wanting a lucious, green lawn instead? But not wanting to completely re-turf? We have the answer….keep reading to find the right lawn feed for your lawn! 

What Nutrients and Vitamins Do I Need?

We thought we had better get the technical bits out of the way first. Lawn feeds are going to be filled with a variety of different ingredients. These are going to make up a ratio of different nutrients that are needed to improve the health of your lawn. The main ingredients are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) – all are going to work together to get the best from your lawn. For example, nitrogen helps with the thickness of your lawn and improves the colour, whereas phosphorus is there to help your root strength and growth, finally potassium is there just to overall improve the health of your grass. 

All ingredients listed on your lawn feed will give a ratio of the levels of these three essential ingredients, set out as three numbers, for example 12-4-4. This tells you the percentages of each feed. So obviously if you are struggling with the thickness of your lawn then you need to look out for a lawn feed with increased levels of nitrogen. Whereas, if your lawn feels constantly plagued by disease then look out for higher potassium ratios in your lawn feed. 

Obviously, there are lawn feeds that are going to have moderate levels of all three key ingredients, which are perfect for if you are new to lawn feeds and don’t know exactly what your lawn needs yet, as they will give your lawn a general boost in the right direction. But, these can then have too low of a level to make a real difference if you have a particular problem. 

Dry or Wet Lawn Feeds?

The next thing that you need to decide is whether you want a dry or wet lawn feed – sometimes known as a granular or a soluble lawn feed! 

We tend to find that wet or soluble lawn feeds are the most popular, largely due to the fact that they will soak into the soil quickly so tend to be easier to spread evenly. These types of lawn feed are basically granules or powder which is then dissolved into water. The benefits to this is that you will find a little goes a long way so they are usually going to be better value for money. We also love how fast you will see an improvement in your lawn, as the water helps the feed to soak into your soil, and therefore be soaked up by the roots as quickly as possible. We found that it was also much easier to spread your lawn feed if it is dissolved in water, as a simple watering can will do the trick just fine – saving your lawn from scorching! However, there is the downside of having to measure out and dilute your lawn feed with water, making sure that you get the right measures. 

Your other option is dry lawn feed which will come as granules. The reason why you will find many people opting for dry lawn feeds is that you literally just have to sprinkle them over your lawn and wait for it to rain (although be prepared to water the lawn yourself if we have one of those rare British weeks when the sun doesn’t shine!). This makes them much easier to use, however because they are not diluted by water, there is more chance of you scorching your lawn if you sprinkle too many in one place! 

TOP TIP: If you are wanting the best of both worlds then look out for a lawn feed that can be used both wet and dry. This will allow you to make a judgement as to what is going to be best for your lawn depending on the time of year and the weather! 

Weed Killer Included?

The main purpose of your lawn feed is going to be to improve the condition and the health of your lawn so that it not only looks in better condition but so that it lasts longer and is safe from diseases as well. However, one of the main factors that is going to impact on the quality of your lawn is the removal of weeds and moss. Weeds and moss can build up in your lawn, leaving it LOOKING as though it is thick and healthy, when in actual fact it is being taken over! Eventually, this will result in your lawn not actually being lawn at all! 

The best way to avoid this is by purchasing a lawn feed that also has weed killer included. These lawn feeds are amazing, as they will provide healthy nutrients and support to the grass shoots, whilst killing off the moss and the weeds. 

However, you do need to be cautious of the fact that your lawn will need scarifying after a couple of weeks to actually lift and remove all of the weeds and the moss. If your lawn had been significantly taken over by moss and weeds this could leave your grass area looking a little bare and thin in places. So we wouldn’t recommend doing this JUST before you have a social gathering, but it is well worth the time and the patience to get a truly beautiful lawn in the end! 

When Should I Use My Lawn Feed?

When you should use your lawn feed really depends on not only the lawn feed that you purchase but also what your lawn actually needs. There are general lawn feeds that are available for if you are just generally wanting to give your lawn a boost through the year. We would recommend that these are best for anyone who is wanting to save money on purchasing more seasonal lawn feeds or anyone that is new to purchasing lawn feed and is unsure of exactly what their lawn needs. 

However, if you are used to your lawn and its growth and know the help that it is going to need along the way then you will be better off with a more seasonal lawn feed that is going to be designed with higher levels of specific nutrients for specific times of year. You will usually find that towards the end of autumn (in the run up to winter) your lawn is going to need extra protection from the wet ground, cold air and from the diseases this can create, therefore you need a lawn feed that has high levels of nitrogen. Whereas, in spring when you are wanting to improve the growth of your lawn you need higher levels of phosphorus to improve strength and growth for the start of the gardening season. 

How Much Lawn Feed Do I Need?

“How much lawn feed do I need?” really is the million pound question! There are a number of factors that you need to consider. Firstly, is the concentration and ratio to water that you are going to need for dissolvable lawn feeds. Obviously, the higher the concentrate level with your lawn feed, the less that you are going to need to mix with water to spread over your lawn, and therefore the more money that you are going to save. 

You also need to think about the application rate. All lawn feeds will give you clear instructions as to the amount of lawn feed that you need to cover a particular area. So you then simply need to work out the size of your garden and adjust this accordingly. 

We would also recommend using your own judgement with this however, as if you have a lawn that is already in good condition, chances are it will need less feed than a lawn that is struggling. Equally, using too much lawn feed can cause scorching to the lawn, which can be irreparable damage. 

Best Budget – Miracle-Gro Lawn Food

Miracle-Gro 11149 Water Soluble Lawn Food 1 kg
3,662 Reviews
Miracle-Gro 11149 Water Soluble Lawn Food 1 kg
  • Richer, greener lawn in 5 days
  • Dissolved nutrients lowers the risk of scorching
  • Easy to apply using the Miracle-Gro Feeder or mixing in a watering can
  • Use from March to October

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What Else Should I Know About Lawn Feeds?

Now that you know the main things that you need to be considering before purchasing your lawn feed, you may think that you are ready to go. But wait! If you are wanting a lawn that is green, lucious, thick, healthy and a rival of the courts at Wimbledon then don’t forget to look out for these additional lawn feed features. 

  • Smaller granules – We would always recommend looking for the smallest granules whether this be for dry or wet lawn feed. This will make them easier to dissolve and also easier to distribute around your lawn. 
  • Pet and Child Friendly – There are some ingredients in some lawn feeds that are going to be toxic for young children or pets that are at risk of ingesting the granules. It is always worth checking for non-toxic lawn feed if you know this could be a problem for you. Also, you would be better opting for dissolvable lawn feeds that will soak straight into the soil. 
  • Anti-scorch – As we mentioned above, there are certain lawn feeds that if you accidentally spread too much in one place they will actually do more damage to your lawn! If this is something that you are concerned about then look out for anti-scorch feeds that will allow you to avoid this! 
  • Worm casts – Some lawn feeds will also have ingredients designed at reducing or eliminating worm casts. If you have a problem with worms then these are definitely worth paying a little extra for! 
  • Turf hardening – If your lawn is being plagued by disease that you are struggling to get on top of, or it is getting towards winter and you are wanting to prevent this from happening, then we would definitely recommend looking out for turf-hardening properties in your lawn feed. These will help to prevent diseases from getting into the roots of your grass. 

Best of the Rest

MOOWY | Year-round lawn feed - Greener Grass in 3 Days | Child & Pet Safe | Tailored to UK weather | Grass Fertilizer, Lawn Fertilizer, Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter Lawn Fertiliser | 50m² | 1.25kg
898 Reviews
MOOWY | Year-round lawn feed - Greener Grass in 3 Days | Child & Pet Safe | Tailored to UK weather | Grass Fertilizer, Lawn Fertilizer, Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter Lawn Fertiliser | 50m² | 1.25kg
  • 💧 WATER IS ESSENTIAL - No water = no results! Please ensure that your lawn is sufficiently watered after the application of our Spring Lawn Feed. Otherwise the effects might be delayed and less impressive. 🌱 For optimal results mow up to twice weekly and apply the grass feed every 6 to 8 weeks.
  • 🏎 RAPID IMPROVEMENT - Our lawn feeds high nitrogen content will provide your lawn with the boost it needs after or before a cold winter as well as during or after a hot summer! Enjoy a greener lawn in as little as 3 days. Extra Magnesium will make the photosynthesis much more efficient and in turn cause the grass to be more lush, thicker & have a richer color.
  • 🐶 CHILD & PET SAFE - ODOR FREE - Children and pets are safe to play on the lawn even immediately after applying our fertilizer. There’s no unpleasant smell or concerns like with cheaper products. On top of that your lawn will become less susceptible to wear and tear or common natural diseases. ♻️ All of our pouches and buckets are resealable. Keeps the moisture out and ensures the high quality of our granules!
  • 💡 EASY APPLICATION - High quality granules allow for instant application without the need to mix the product in water or require any additional preparation. This makes our lawn feed very easy to apply. Simply follow the step by step instructions on the packaging!
  • 🔒 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - If at any point - for whatever reason - you’re unhappy with our Spring Boost Lawn Feed, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll either refund you in full or work with you until you’re happy! Beyond Amazons regular return window and even if you already used our products! Just message us and we’ll take good care of you!

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CUQOO Natural Lawn Feed In 2.8 Kg – Child & Pet Safe Grass Fertiliser For Greener & Thicker Grass – Lawn Fertiliser Grass Feed For Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter – Healthy Grass Lawn Food (1 pack)
74 Reviews
CUQOO Natural Lawn Feed In 2.8 Kg – Child & Pet Safe Grass Fertiliser For Greener & Thicker Grass – Lawn Fertiliser Grass Feed For Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter – Healthy Grass Lawn Food (1 pack)
  • CUQOO NATURAL LAWN FEED – The CUQOO lawn fertilizer is perfect for thickening your lawn grass and for improving its colour. It also contains naturally occurring Iron at exceptionally low levels, so there is no risk of hard surface staining caused by pet or footwear transfer.
  • CHILD & PET FRIENDLY - If you are looking for a family friendly lawn treatment then you will be happy to know that CUQOO lawn feed is made from natural ingredients with no pesticides or herbicides.
  • NATURAL FERTILISER – CUQOO grass fertilizer is an organic fertiliser with added lawn seed. It is made with only natural ingredients to help improve soil fertility. Friendly bacteria transform dead leaves & moss into nutrients.
  • GREENER & THICKER LAWN - Natural nutrient release occurs gradually, over a sustained period. The effectiveness is further enhanced by its micro-granule formulation, ensuring an accurate & consistent application. The added grass seed will germinate to fill gaps and help create a thicker lawn. As the grass becomes stronger it will start to outcompete weeds and moss.
  • SAFETY – When using CUQOO fertiliser gloves are recommended when handling this product although this is not a requirement. Wash hands and exposed skin directly after use. Always store the fertiliser out of reach in a dry, frost-free place.

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Miracle-Gro 15018 Evergreen Complete 4-in-1 Lawn Food - 200 m2, 7 kg, Lawn Food, Weed & Moss Control,
14,879 Reviews
Miracle-Gro 15018 Evergreen Complete 4-in-1 Lawn Food - 200 m2, 7 kg, Lawn Food, Weed & Moss Control,
  • Creates a thicker, greener and healthier lawn whilst killing weeds and moss
  • WaterSmart formula helps absorb water and nutrients more effectively, helping to protect your lawn against drought and stress
  • For ideal results, apply using an EverGreen or Scotts spreader to ensure even coverage
  • After applying this product in accordance with the label instructions keep children and pets away from treated areas until the granules have been watered in thoroughly and the areas have dried
  • Use from April to September

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much lawn feed do I need to use?

All lawn feeds will come with instructions on the amount that you need to use per square metre. Depending on the lawn feed that you choose, they will often come with a measuring cap or a spreader that makes it even easier for you to measure out the right amount of lawn feed for your grass area! 

How do I spread lawn feed?

This obviously depends on the type of lawn feed that you choose to buy. If you opt for a dry lawn feed then once you have measured out the right amount of granules you will need a spreader – there are simple plastic scoops or more complex push along spreaders depending on how accurate you are wanting to be. Then simply walk up and down your lawn ensuring that you don’t go over the same area twice. For wet lawn feeds the process is exactly the same – you just have to make sure that you dissolve your granules in the right amount of water first!

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