Best Gas Patio Heater Review

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Best Gas Patio Heater Review

We take a look at our top 3 gas patio heaters to suit any budget.

Most people love to spend their days outdoors, especially during summer. However, when the sun sets and evening comes, we retreat indoors because of the cold. Have you experienced this? The good news is, you can make your outdoor living space as comfortable as your indoors by using a gas patio heater to provide warmth.

A patio heater is designed to make your outdoors cosy for you and your visitors. It provides the same heat like a campfire or a fire pit, minus the smoke. With an outdoor heater, you can enjoy the outdoors more.

Benefits of a gas patio heater

  1. Less expensive compared to electric patio heaters.
  2. More heat output than electric heaters.
  3. Easy to use and maintain.

Disadvantages of a gas patio heater

  1. Cost of running the heater depends on fuel prices.

There is a wide variety of patio gas heaters on the market, and it may be difficult to determine which brand or model is ideal for you. So, we have picked the 3 best gas patio heaters and researched about them. We take an in-depth look at the features of each heater. Read on and discover what makes each heater tick.

Best Budget Gas Patio Heater

Oypla 2KW Patio Heater

If you want a budget gas patio heater, then the Oypla Patio Heater is the best fit. This patio heater is CE/GS certified, and ROHS certified. It features a stylish exterior design making it ideal for commercial and home use. This 2KW free standing heater stands at the height of up to 210cm and has a heavy base that provides extra stability. The good news is you can adjust its height to suit your needs.

The Oypla 2KW outdoor heater comes with three adjustable heat settings; 650W, 1350W, and 2000W. This allows you to set the ideal heat per your needs. The adjustable settings are a bonus because it means the cost of running this heater can be less than similar heaters that do not have adjustable settings. The lamp is designed to last up to 5000 hours. That’s a long time without having to worry about replacing it.

Apart from heating, the lamp also offers glowing light. This free standing outdoor heater comes with a 2 metres power cable with a UK standard BS approved 3 pin plug. This long cable allows you to move this heater to any position within your patio. The Oypla 2KW outdoor heater is one of the best freestanding heaters for cold summer nights. For safety, the manufacturer has included a quartz tube heating element on the Oypla 2KW heater.

This heater is made of durable steel and comes in black.

Oypla 2KW Patio Heater

Benefits of the Oypla 2KW Patio Heater

  1. Easy to assemble.
  2. Comes with an overheat protection element.
  3. Weatherproof- IPX4 Rated.
  4. Excellent lamp life.

Disadvantages of the Oypla 2KW Patio Heater

  1. Not ideal for use in rainy conditions.
  2. Users without an external power socket found the power cord was too short.

Manufacturers Specs

  • Colour: Black
  • Dimensions: 53 x 21.5 x 53 cm
  • Weight: 8.9 kg
  • Height (adjustable): 174.5 – 210cm
  • Power settings: 650W, 1350W, 2000W


Honestly, I don’t think it is possible to get another patio heater, with the same features as the Oypla 2KW heater, at the same price. This budget heater has a lot to offer. Users love that it comes with three heat settings, enabling them to adjust the heat levels per their needs. You can also change the height of this freestanding heater. The Oypla 2KW heater is lightweight, easy to assemble, and durable.


Best Value Gas Patio Heater

Kingfisher PH300 Patio Heater

The Kingfisher PH300 patio heater is a stylish tabletop heater that is designed to keep you warm as you relax outdoors. The PH300 is made of steel and is multi-coloured. The colours are designed to blend in seamlessly with your outdoor. The exterior is protected using powder coating to prevent corrosion caused by elements and heat. It measures 88cm in height, making it shorter than other patio heaters. The manufacturer has included a heavy base for stability.

Another great feature of the Kingfisher PH300 heater is its power settings. This heater allows you to set the heat from 1KW to 4KW. There is a knob at its base that will enable you to adjust the heat settings. There is a shutoff button on top of the base that allows you to turn off the heater in case it accidentally gets knocked over. The Kingfisher tabletop heater can use butane or propane.

Gas is delivered to the heater via a hose that comes with the heater. Unfortunately, it does not come with a regulator. You have to purchase a regulator, but the good news is most regulators are quite cheap. So, how much will it cost to run this heater? Well, that depends on how long you stay outside, but most users have found that running the PH300 heater is cheaper than running an electric heater. This tabletop heater has heat coverage of up to 6 metres.

 Kingfisher PH300 Garden Outdoor Table Top Patio Heater

Benefits of the Kingfisher PH300 Patio Heater

  1. Lightweight.
  2. Comes with a gas hose.
  3. Adjustable heat settings.

Disadvantages of the Kingfisher PH300 Patio Heater

  1. Does not come with a gas regulator.

Manufacturers Specs

  • Colour: Multi colour
  • Power settings: 4KW
  • Dimensions: 53.5 x 53.5 x 88 cm
  • Weight: 5.35 kg



The Kingfisher PH300 is one of the best patio heaters on the market. This heater stands out because it is a tabletop heater and its hose fits perfectly through the patio table hole. Users have observed that it is cheaper to run this gas heater than an electric heater. At Garden Shed Reviews, we believe that this bad boy can warm up your evenings without breaking your bank.


Best Performing Gas Patio Heater

Outsunny Freestanding Patio Heater

The Outsunny 5-11W Gas Patio Heater is one of the best outdoor heaters you can get. This versatile heater can be powered by LPG, propane, or butane. The stylish exterior design and silver colour allow it to blend into your environment easily. The Outsunny patio heater is a freestanding heater that stands at the height of 135cm and comes with a considerable list of exceptional features.

Assembling this heater takes less than 10 minutes. You turn on the heat via the electronic ignition; a knob switch is fitted for smooth operation. The Outsunny heater provides sufficient heat up to 5 metres away. The heat can be adjusted between 5KW and 10KW. For added security, the manufacturer has included an automatic shutoff feature and flame shield. This guarantees your safety when using this heater.

The Outsunny gas heater weighs a whopping 17 kg? So, unless you are a weight lifter, it is going to be very hard to move it around your patio. However, the manufacturer has equipped this heater with two wheels which allows you to move it from place to place easily. Cool, right? You don’t have to do any heavy lifting. Another great feature is its PE cover. This cover protects it from damage caused by rain and other elements.

The Outsunny gas patio heater is CE certified and is made from durable stainless steel for longevity.

Benefits of the Outsunny Gas Patio Heater

  1. Comes with a PE rain cover.
  2. Has a frame shield for security.
  3. Stainless steel construction.

Disadvantages of the Outsunny Gas Patio Heater

  1. Costlier than its counterparts.

Manufacturers Specs

  • Colour: Silver
  • Dimension: 46 x 135 cm
  • Power settings: 5-11W
  • Weight: 17 kg
  • Gas tank housing: 39.5 X 69.5 cm


Overall Rating

If you are looking for a heater that is durable, CE certified and with gas tank housing, then the Outsunny 5-11KW is the perfect heater for you. This versatile heater is stylish. Users have commented that they found the PE rain cover quite helpful. You can use the Outsunny 5-11KW heater indoors or outdoors.


Best Gas Patio Heater (Overall Winner)

Outsunny 5-11 KW Gas Patio Heater

Well, I have to admit it is tough to choose the best patio heater among the ones listed above. Each gas patio heater has unique features. The Oypla 2KW patio heater comes with three heat settings that help you save power, and you can adjust its height per your heating needs. The Kingfisher PH300 table top patio heater seamlessly blends to the outdoor environment and can use butane and propane.

These two heaters are great, but I believe the Outsunny 5-11KW has better features that will benefit you more. This top-rated stands out because of its gas tank housing; this means you don’t have to worry about where to place your gas tank. It can be powered using three different gasses. Users commented that they like its durable steel construction and its wheels. It gets better; this heater is CE certified.

Outsunny Patio Heater


The Bottom Line

Cold evenings can force you back into the house. But, with any of the gas patio heaters in this review, you will be sure to continue reading your book or enjoying your parties late into the night. Your visitors will love coming over too. The heaters above are easy to setup, reliable, and affordable. We believe that here you will find an exact fit for your outdoor heating needs.

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