Best Garden Swing Chair Buyer’s Guide

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Garden Swing Chair Buyers Guide

It could be argued that every garden can be made better by a garden swing chair! Whether you have a large expanse of garden or a small backyard, there will be a garden swing chair for you. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in a swing chair with a book (and maybe a cheeky beverage!) or even just watching the world go by!

Best Pick Swing Chair

2-3 Seater Larch Wooden Garden Outdoor Swing Seat Hammock Cream Canopy 1.9M
33 Reviews
2-3 Seater Larch Wooden Garden Outdoor Swing Seat Hammock Cream Canopy 1.9M
  • Features : Seats up to 3 people, Free standing swing, Durable and solid frame, Weatherproof, User capacity - 220kg, Seat cushions, Canopy for added protection from the sun
  • Material : Larch wood, Galvanised steel chains, 300D oxford polyester canopy and 600D oxford polyester cushion (100% Polyester)
  • Dimensions : Overall W190 x D130 x H192cm, Seat W115 x D50cm
  • Weight : 52kg
  • Assembly Required: Self-assembly required

As relaxing as garden swing chairs are, the process of actually choosing one that is right for you and your home can be anything but! With material, size, quality and assembly to consider (to name a few), it can be difficult to know where to start when making your purchase. We have created this buyer’s guide to help make your purchase easier, and provide you with garden swing chair reviews of the options available at the moment that we would recommend!

Only Got 5 Minutes?

If you are looking to purchase your garden swing chair as soon as possible then this is the part of the article that you need to read! We have detailed all the most important features that you need to think about before rushing out to make your purchase!

Structure and Build Material

The structure and build material of your garden swing chair will affect the price that you are likely to pay, the amount of maintenance that you will need to complete and how sturdy and comfortable your swing chair is in your garden. The benches are often made out of wooden slats or out of fabric (although sometimes you will find them made out of metal with a cushion top). Occasionally you will find that the bench itself is made out of synthetic, elastic materials which will be long-lasting and also waterproof!

This is the same as the frame, as you will usually find either metal frames or wooden frames. Wooden frames have a more natural look, in keeping with most gardens, however, metal frames will need a lot less maintenance and upkeep. The build material will also affect the style of the garden swing chair and also the finish. Most are made using the traditional V shaped structure although some more modern, metal designs have a different structure.

Look for long-lasting, treated wood that – if possible – has been sustainably sourced. Some treated wood will offer a guarantee of lasting up to 25 years, which is fantastic value for money! Equally, if you are looking for a metal frame then check on the product details that it is made from powder-coated steel and is rust-resistant. It is also worth looking out for anti-rust chains, as there is nothing worse than rusted chains that end up looking dirty and leaving marks on your clothes!

Make sure to consider the quality and the finish of the structure and materials. It is important that garden swing chairs are sturdy and hard-wearing, as they are not the cheapest kinds of garden furniture so you will want them to last a long time! You also don’t want to end up on the floor when swinging on your chair if the structure isn’t strong enough!!


The size of the swing chair for your garden will really depend on the space in your garden, and how much room you want it to take up. The main thing to consider is the number of seats that you are wanting. Swing chairs range from between 1 to 4 seats so it is worth considering how often you use your garden for socialising. There are some swing chairs that can recline into beds, but these take up a lot more room!


Some garden swing chairs will come with built-in cushions, which will save you money but does mean that you are limited to the style and colour of fabric that comes with the chair (which can sometimes be nothing like what you would want in your garden!) Other models will come without cushions, which does mean that you have more initial outlay but leaves you able to choose comfortable, waterproof cushions that are perfect for your garden and the rest of your garden furniture!

Some garden swing chairs offer enough comfort on their own, without additional comfort, but we find that an extra cushion or two will help add some luxury to your garden swing chair.


Some garden swing chairs will come with a canopy to offer protection! Obviously it is rare that you are going to be sat in your swing chair in the rain, but it can help to protect from UV rays during summer and can protect the seat and cushions from rain showers. Make sure to look out for models that are water-repellent so that your garden furniture can receive maximum protection.

Some more modern designs will have an adjustable canopy that can be moved forwards and back on a runner depending on whereabouts the sun is in the sky! This is a fantastic feature as it means that you will be able to enjoy sitting on your swing chair all through the day but still be protected from the sunlight!

Best Budget Swing Chair

Charles Bentley 2-3 Seater Garden Patio Swing Seat Hammock Chair - Blue Striped
173 Reviews
Charles Bentley 2-3 Seater Garden Patio Swing Seat Hammock Chair - Blue Striped
  • Assembly: Some easy self-assembly required, Full English instructions provided, Maximum user weight: 180kg
  • Material : Frame: Powder coated steel, Cover: Polyester (160gr/m2), Cushion: 6cm thick polyester fibre filling, Bottom seat fabric: Polyester 600D x 300D Oxford, PVC coating
  • Dimensions : H154 x W173 x D111cm
  • Weight : 18.5kg
  • Colour : Green & white striped, Blue & white striped, Beige & white striped, Grey & white striped, Assembly: Some easy self-assembly required, Full English instructions provided, Maximum user weight: 180kg


Some garden swing chairs will come fully built, however, some models don’t and almost all will need securing to a base if you are wanting them to be secure and sturdy when swinging! Check that the installation of your garden swing chair will be simple, by looking on the product details as to how your garden swing chair will arrive and what you will need to do. You will usually find that garden swing chairs take two people to be put together, and will take a couple of hours for it to be fully finished!

When it comes to fixing your swing to the ground, there are different ways in which this can be done. Some will be secured onto feet, and this will give them enough security, whereas others will need to be screwed into the floor using brackets and screws. If your garden swing chair doesn’t come with brackets then you can usually purchase standard brackets from DIY stores that will work. If your garden swing chair is freestanding then we would recommend looking for one that has rubber feet so that it cannot slide around the floor if it is placed on decking or a patio.

Extra Things to Consider


It is important to think about where you are going to put your garden swing chair – as they are not the lightest pieces of garden furniture so will take at least two people to move if you decide you are not happy with the initial location! Choose somewhere that is on a flat, sturdy surface (ideally on a hardstanding such as concrete or decking). You also need to make sure that you leave enough space behind and in front of the garden swing chair for it to rock slightly without knocking into anything. Although we know that you are not going to be swinging 6 foot up in the air, it greatly takes away from the relaxation if you are banging into a fence or a bush every time you sit on your new chair!


Garden swing chairs are rarely cheap – so it is always worth considering purchasing a cover for your swing that can be used over the winter months. Obviously your garden swing will be able to cope with adverse weather conditions – it is designed to be outside after all – however, in the great British weather, these conditions will not help your swing to last as long as it has the potential to! A garden swing chair cover will be a lot cheaper than having to buy a new swing altogether or repairing a damaged swing. This can then simply be pulled over the top of your garden swing chair and secured when you know you are not going to be using it for a while (such as over winter).


The material that your garden swing seat is made of will greatly affect the maintenance that you have to complete to keep it looking and feeling like new! If you choose a wooden frame then this will need varnishing annually to keep it in tip-top condition, whereas if you choose a metal frame then it will simply need cleaning.

We would also recommend oiling the metal chains of the swing every few months to keep them working smoothly and avoid any unpleasant squeaking when you are enjoying your garden swing chair.

Last but not least – make sure to clean the cushions on your garden swing chair regularly and bring them inside during particularly adverse weather to avoid them becoming damp.


This is a rarer feature to find on garden swing chairs (probably because they can be rather difficult to use if you are leaving drinks on a moving table!) but you will occasionally find garden swing chairs with a table dividing up some of the chairs. This can really add to the look of the chair and is handy if you are planning on settling down with a book and maybe some nibbles when using your swing chair!

Is a Swing or a Hammock Right for Me?

Garden swings are lovely in any garden, providing much more comfort and relaxation than normal garden furniture! However, there is one step further that you can take if comfort is your main focus – a hammock. Made with fabric and ties, these can either be hung between trees (if they are strong enough) or will come with a stand. They will usually be cheaper than garden swings and will be much more restful, however, they are usually only suitable for one person lying down, so are less of a social seating area.

The main thing to consider is that hammocks were originally designed for sleeping in so you are going to struggle if you are wanting to use them for much else – let alone the issue of getting in and out of them in the first place!

Best of the Rest

Kingfisher FSWINGB Swinging Hammock Bench Seat with Canopy - 2 Seater
155 Reviews
Kingfisher FSWINGB Swinging Hammock Bench Seat with Canopy - 2 Seater
  • Two seater swinging hammock bench seat with canopy
  • Size: height - 155 cm, width - 170 cm, depth - 120 cm
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Size: height - 155 cm, width - 170 cm, depth - 120 cm
  • Comfortable and durable
Strattore Garden Hammock Swing Chair 3 Seater Patio Cushioned Bench Bed Seat with Canopy Outdoor - Spicy Cherry
79 Reviews
Strattore Garden Hammock Swing Chair 3 Seater Patio Cushioned Bench Bed Seat with Canopy Outdoor - Spicy Cherry
  • SIZE: The garden hammock swing has a total size of 170 x 115 x 153 cm (WxDxH), a weight of about 16 kg and consists of powder-coated steel and polyester
  • 3 SEATS: The seat of the garden swing has the dimensions 132 x 45 x 45 cm (WxDxH) and with its functional design, offers comfortable seating for up to three people
  • ROOF: The sun-shade roof of the porch swing offers special protection from the sun. Its angle is adjustable, and can thus be aligned exactly according to the sunlight direction
  • DESIGN: The modern and simple design lets the porch swing shine in its natural style. It simply adapts to the look of your garden
  • STABLE: The materials used and the weight of about 16 kg make the garden bench particularly stable, so that it can bear up to 200 kg with no problems
152 Reviews
  • ✅Set this beautiful swing chair and stand up in minutes and start enjoying the great outdoors!
  • ✅Humanism design lets you really stretch out for maximum relaxation. And this swing chair adds great style to any back yard, porch or patio.
  • ✅Come complete with comfortable seating and water- resistance canopy.
  • ✅This swing chair is design to be multifunctional, it can be lay down as a bed, ideal for you to take a nap.
  • ✅Comes with two pillows and two beverage trays

Frequently Asked Questions

Can garden swing chairs be put on grass?

This will really depend on the material chosen for your swing chair and also how dry and stable the grass is. We would recommend keeping your garden swing chair on a hard surface if you are wanting it to be stable and last as long as possible, but if you have a particularly dry and flat patch of grass then your swing chair might be ok positioned on there.

Can I leave my garden swing chair cushions outside?

If the cushions are advertised as being waterproof then they should be fine if left out in relatively short spells of rain – just make sure to wipe them off and leave them to air out afterwards. However, your cushions are always going to be in better condition if you can remember to bring them in before any heavy rain or over the winter during long spells of bad weather.

Are there any lie-down garden swing chairs?

Yes! There have recently been some fantastic seat/bed swing chairs that have been designed to consider your every comfort! Many of the models have reclining backs and additional leg rests, whereas some are fixed in a “lounger” position, with headrests and even drink trays!

How do I protect my garden swing chair during winter?

It is important to protect your garden swing chair during the winter months if you are going to want it to last a long time and be all ready for you to relax on during the summer months! The best way to protect your chair is to purchase a cover, however, if you don’t want to go to this expense or can’t find one to fit then buying a large piece of tarpaulin will do just as good of a job. If your garden suffers from considerable wind in winter then consider moving it to somewhere more sheltered or secure it to the ground.

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