Best Drain Unblocker for You – Buyers Guide 2021

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Best Drain Unblocker

At some point in their lives, everyone is going to find themselves dealing with a blocked drain or two! With the best will in the world, debris and dirt other than just water is going to end up down your drains and sadly this is all they are actually designed to carry! Whether it is a bath drain that is becoming blocked with hair or a kitchen sink that has had one too many plates rinsed into it – blocked drains are inevitable! This means that you need to know how to deal with this inevitability! 

There are many drain unblockers on the market for you to choose from, which can make it difficult for you to know which is going to be best to get the job done! You need a drain blocker that is going to be able to get into all the corners of your pipework, as the bends and corners are where you will find food, debris and waste begin to congregate! Some drain unblockers are perfect for avoiding blockages – by removing any waste as soon as you start to notice the water flowing a little slower, whereas others are defined to destroy major blockages that are threatening to ruin your day (or your bathroom and kitchen!). Keep reading for all that you need to know before purchasing your drain unblocker! 

Best Drain Unblocker Pick – Scotch Corporation Drain Unblocker

Scotch Corporation UB1969 1969 Drain Cleaners & Openers, Black, 1 L
4,842 Reviews
Scotch Corporation UB1969 1969 Drain Cleaners & Openers, Black, 1 L
  • Guaranteed
  • Unique formulation dissolves hair clogs from bathroom drains and creates heat to melt grease from kitchen sinks
  • Strongest formulation on the market
  • Safety packaging
  • Safe for all piping

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In A Hurry? 

Blocked drains are the last thing that anyone wants…not only are they incredibly inconvenient but they can be smelly, messy and can cause damage to the pipework if not sorted quickly! So keep reading for all the essential information that you need to know NOW! 

Getting the Job Done

The first thing you need to know about is how drain unblockers actually work so that you can be using them correctly when you are struggling with a blocked drain. There are two types of drain unblocker to choose from depending on the types of pipework that you have and the extent to your blockage. The first will simply “push” your blockage along the pipework until it is cleared at the other side. This is achieved by using a particularly thick and heavy liquid that will press against the blockage to move it. These are usually going to involve less caustic and acidic ingredients so will be less damaging to the environment (and to your pipework!). However, for particularly stuck blockages, you could find that they do more damage than good as they will “sit” against the blockage just making it bigger. Not only this but they could push the blockage along into a more awkward to reach spot making the job even harder! 

Your second option is a dissolving drain unblocker. These take advantage of some pretty strong chemicals to actually dissolve and melt the blockage when they reach it in the pipework so that it can then pass through the water in the pipes to the drains at the other end. These are a much safer option as they won’t really be able to make the job worse – but they are more dangerous to use due to the strength of the chemicals and they could cause damage to your pipework if you are not careful! 

What Will A Drain Unblocker Work On? 

We understand that you are probably wondering whether you will even be able to use your drain unblocker to remove the blockage in your drain pipe. Chances are you will have an idea of what has caused the blockage – or at least what has pushed it to the point of no return – which is a good thing as you will then be able to see which type of drain unblocker you need. Some will be able to work with anything that they come into contact with, whereas others will have strengths and weaknesses that are worth checking for. 

Hair is actually one of the easier materials to be able to remove from your drain as it will actually dissolve and disintegrate if it comes into contact with the right drain unblockers. The main issue is that hair is a perfect “net” for other debris that might be spreading down your drain, so you will need to think about what else could be causing the blockage. Food waste and mud/garden waste are substances that you really shouldn’t see down drains but that unfortunately happens far too often! It is just too easy to rinse your plate off in the sink – and let’s be honest, where else are you actually supposed to do it? Although relatively easy to remove on their own, the sheer quantity that can build up can make this type of drain blockage really hard to resolve so you may find yourself having to do two drain unblocking sessions. 

The final demon that you are going to come across with your drains is grease! The main issue with grease getting down your drains is that it is going to stick into the places that are really difficult for most drain cleaners to reach – those awkward corners. This means that you will need a really thick drain unblocker or possibly even a foam drain cleaner to be able to get the job done! 

Best Drain Unblocker Ingredients 

If you are wanting to know that you are purchasing a good quality drain unblocker that you can rely on then look at the ingredients that make up your solution. The best ingredient that you are going to find for powering through those blockages is caustic soda which will be able to dissolve all of the different types of waste and debris that we mentioned above. However, caustic soda is going to come with a warning and recommendations to be extra careful as this can be a really damaging solution in the wrong hands. You will find that it can cause burns to skin, eye irritations, damage clothing and flooring and even some drain pipes if the materials they are made from are not compatible! For this reason you MUST check before opting for caustic soda! 

If you are wanting a safer, more environmentally friendly option, then there are some out there to choose from! Look out for cleaners that use more natural ingredients – these won’t be as effective for the serious blockages but they do a good job of maintaining a clear drain and removing small blockages that are slowing the flow of water. 

Best Drain Unblocker Budget – Buster Bathroom Plughole Unblocker

Buster Bathroom Plughole Unblocker, Dissolves hair and sludge 300ml
8,030 Reviews
Buster Bathroom Plughole Unblocker, Dissolves hair and sludge 300ml
  • Targets bathroom blockages and slow draining water
  • Dissolves hair and soap scum
  • For showers, baths and basins
  • The one shot plughole unblocker
  • Made in the UK

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Additional Drain Unblocker Features 

If you have a particularly stubborn drain that you are trying to unblock and don’t feel as though you are getting anywhere with it then look no further. We have included the essential features that we found in the best drain unblockers that are going to guarantee results and help you get the job done! 

Type of Drain Unblocker 

  • Odourless – Most drain unblockers are going to come with some kind of smell – usually bleach. Others are scented to try and release a more pleasant smell into the area of the blockage. But if you have young children, pets, or are prone to getting headaches from cleaning solutions then you may be better looking out for an odourless drain unblocker. 
  • Results time – No one wants a blocked drain, so look how long it is going to take for the solution to get to work. For some this is as quick as around 10 minutes (for a full blockage) whereas for others you will have to leave it overnight for around 12 hours to really make sure you are rid of all the blockage. 
  • Gel liquid – We would always recommend opting for a gel solution rather than a standard liquid cleaner. This is because it is MUCH easier to pour down the edges of your pipework to ensure that you are getting rid of all the blockage, as standard liquids won’t fill the whole pipe so will leave areas clogged which can then build up again. 
  • Indoor or outdoor – Most drain blockages that you are going to be dealing with will be indoors, however your outdoor drains can become blocked as well and when they do it is arguably harder to actually clear them – particularly if they are full of garden debris. If this is the case we would recommend opting for a specific outdoor drain unblocker, although some strong, foam standard cleaners may be able to do the job! 

Safety Considerations 

  • All pipework compatible – Your pipes are all going to be made from different materials, from plastic to aluminium, rubber to steel. Some drain unblockers are so corrosive that they will actually burn through your pipework so this is SO important to check for before you start! 
  • Measuring guide – It is really important that you use the right amount of drain unblocker when you are working on your pipework so that you don’t overflow your pipes, cause more damage or waste drain unblocker that you could have used to do another job! The best drain unblockers will come with a measuring cap or guide on the side of the bottle so you can be sure you are using the right amount! 
  • Safety cap – If you haven’t realised by now….using drain unblockers can be damaging and dangerous for you, your pipes and the things around them. For this reason, we would definitely recommend looking out for bottles with a safety cap and nozzle that will not only stop little exploring hands from getting hold of the bottle but will also make it much easier to pour your solution directly into the drain without it bubbling or frothing over!

Value for Money 

  • Multipack – For each blockage that you clear you could use up to a bottle of drain unblocker (obviously this depends on the bottle as for some you will need much less!). This means that it is going to be much more cost and time effective if you purchase a multipack option – which is how many of the best drain unblockers come. 
  • Size of bottle and strength of solution – As we mentioned above, the amount of cleaner that you are going to need will determine how cost effective your purchase is. For some you will be able to dilute the solution quite considerably to make a little go a long way but for many drain unblockers you will need to pour the solution in from concentrate! 
  • Dual action drain unblockers – Dual action drain unblockers separate the key ingredients of the solution into two bottles. This allows them to work much more effectively to first dissolve the blockage and then send it marching through the drains. This is also a much better option for awkward drains that are at risk of further blockages down the pipework! 

Best of the Rest

Mr Muscle Drain Unblocker, Sink & Drain Cleaner, Heavy Duty Drain Gel, 2 x 500 ml
13,570 Reviews
Mr Muscle Drain Unblocker, Sink & Drain Cleaner, Heavy Duty Drain Gel, 2 x 500 ml
  • Sink unblocker to destroy the toughest clogs in your drain
  • Blocked drain cleaner for dissolving clogs caused by debris in sinks, plugholes and pipes
  • 3x more effective than bleach as a pipe unblocker based on hair removal in laboratory testing
  • Cuts through standing water to unblock plugholes
  • Mr Muscle Drain Unblocker is safe for use on all types of pipes

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Spear and Jackson 2 x 500ml Heavy Duty Sink and Drain Unblocker
708 Reviews
Spear and Jackson 2 x 500ml Heavy Duty Sink and Drain Unblocker
  • SPEAR AND JACKSON CLEANING PRODUCTS: Since 1760 Spear and Jackson has been selling hand, garden, contractors, agricultural, landscaping and professional tools from its base in the city of Sheffield. Their range of cleaning products are made to target tough stains, grease, grim and fat. Their Heavy Duty Outdoor Drain Unblocker is designed to clear any deposits that are blocking your sink, leaving it draining smoothly
  • HEAVY DUTY SINK UNBLOCKER: To tackle the build up on fats, foods, hair and soap residue in your bathroom or kitchen sink that is blocking your drains, Spear and Jackson's heavy duty sink and drain unblocker is specifically designed to instantly clear and dissolve the unwanted blockage quickly and efficiently
  • NO DRAIN SNAKE NEEDED: No need to waste your time with drain rods, this product requires no tools or equipment as it swiftly dissolves any build up. Ideal for the kitchen or bathroom sink, however this Heavy Duty Sink & Drain Unblocker works on exterior drains just as well. In comparison to other drain cleaners and unblockers on the market, this product has a powerful formulation that achieves results in rapid speed
  • BATHROOM CLEANING PRODUCTS: Spear and Jackson's fast acting, powerful and effective sink and drain unblocker liquid is perfectly safe to use on all pipe types. For the best results, pour the entire bottle of heavy duty drain unblocker down the plughole, leave for a minimum of 3 hours (preferably overnight) and finish off by flushing the drain with hot water for at least 2 minutes to completely free any blockages - it's really that easy!
  • SPEAR AND JACKSON: With over 250 years experience and continuous innovation, Spear and Jackson have built an enviable reputation with their market leading products that offer high quality performance tools to suit a wide range of needs. Whether you're looking to unblock your sink drain or a concentrated mould, algae and moss spray then shop Spear and Jackson range of versatile, effective and long lasting cleaning products

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Silverline 395010 Drain Unblocker 6m x 6 mm
3,198 Reviews
Silverline 395010 Drain Unblocker 6m x 6 mm
  • Extendable, hand-fed 6m x 6 mm dia spiral rod with straight 12 mm dia auger
  • Rotating handle
  • Ergonomic pistol grip
  • For removing stubborn blockages and clearing drains

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I use a drain unblocker? 

If you are using a strong, caustic drain unblocker then we wouldn’t recommend using it more than once every few months as it could cause damage to your pipework over time. Not only this, but it could suggest that there is a more underlying problem that needs dealing with if your pipework is getting clogged after such a thorough clean. However, there are drain unblockers with milder solutions that can be used much more regularly to just keep on top of your pipework to avoid any blockages in the first place!  

How do I use a drain unblocker? 

Most drain unblockers are really easy to use. The first thing to do is check the instructions with the solution to see if it needs diluting or can be used from concentrate. Once you have done this, simply remove any visible blockage from your pipework and then pour in the solution (being sure to send the solution down the sides of the pipe if possible for a thorough clean). You then just need to leave your solution down the drain for the recommended time (between one hour and twelve hours). Then, pour hot water down the pipes to blast away any remaining debris! 

Should I use a drain rod or a drain unblocker solution? 

This massively depends on the blockage that you are dealing with. Drain rods are safer to use in that they can’t cause corrosion of the pipes and will rarely make the blockage worse, but it can be almost impossible to access the blockage and in trying to do so you could scratch or break the pipework. Drain unblockers are going to require you to put in much less work and will access the blockage much easier – however be warned that if they can’t remove the blockage you are then dealing with a blocked pipe that is full of drain unblocker too!

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