Best Arbour Seats – 2021 Buyers Guide

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Best Arbour Seat

A garden arbour can provide the perfect feature to any garden. Not only that, but they will give you an attractive additional seating area, allowing you a different vantage point of your outdoor space! Whether you have a spacious lawned garden or a smaller, cosy backyard, there will be an arbour seat that will lend itself perfectly to your garden. 

The basic design of an arbour seat is a benched seating area (often with storage underneath) that is then covered by an archway which not only provides a beautiful feature but is also a great way to protect you from the sunlight in the middle of summer. However, it isn’t quite as simple as this because there are a wide variety of arbour seats available to choose from, whether you are looking for metal, wood or even plastic. 

If you are struggling to find the best garden arbour seats for you then keep reading for all that you need to know. We have included some of our favourite arbour seats and the features that you need to decide between when you are buying! 

Best Pick – Rowlinsons Haven Corner Arbour

Rowlinsons Haven Corner Arbour
7 Reviews
Rowlinsons Haven Corner Arbour
  • Natural Timber finish
  • 2500x2500x1730mm
  • Attractive metal detailing
  • Pressure treated
  • Fits in any right-angled corner

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In A Hurry?

If summer is fast approaching and you are ready to spend the months entertaining and enjoying your garden then you need to start looking for an arbour seat now! This part of the article is filled with all the essential information that you need to consider before you buy! 

Best Arbour Seats Sizes 

There are many different sizes that you will find with arbour seats and obviously this largely depends on the space that you have available in your garden. The first thing that you need to consider is how many people you are hoping will be able to enjoy the seat at once. We found that arbour seats usually come with space for two people, but we did actually find some smaller models for one person and larger models for up to 3 or 4 people! 

The size of your arbour seat is also going to be dependent on the design of the model – but we will discuss this in more detail below. 

We found that most standard sized arbour seats are going to be around 80cm in width, 140cm in length and 220cms tall, which will give you an idea of whether you have space in your garden for a standard, two seater arbour seat. 

NOTE: It is worth noting that many arbour seats that are advertised as being “two seaters” would probably more comfortably sit one person instead of two. This means that it is really important to actually measure out the space before you buy to avoid disappointment! 

Best Arbour Seats Designs 

Most arbour seats are going to be relatively standard in design but there are some variations that are worth considering if you are looking for something a little different or something bigger. If you are looking for an arbour seat that makes more of a statement then why not look for a corner model that is going to fit perfectly in one of the edges of your garden? These are going to be considerably larger but will make a super feature in your garden. 

Once you have decided on this, your next decision is whether you are going to have an arbour seat which has an enclosed back or not. Most are going to have a back, which we like as it gives you extra support when relaxing on your seat and gives you added protection from the sun. However, this does create a sort of “block” from the rest of the garden, which is fine if your arbour is going at the edge of your garden, but if it is going in the middle, or you are lucky enough to have a view at the bottom of your garden then a model without a solid back may be more beneficial as it can help to draw different parts of the garden together. 

TOP TIP: If you are wanting something a little bit different then why not opt for a swinging arbour seat! These are the perfect way to add an extra element of relaxation to your garden arbour. Just make sure to consider where in the garden it is positioned so that you have space to swing. 

Best Arbour Seats Build Materials 

The three main materials that you are going to be able to choose from when looking for an arbour seat are plastic, wood and metal. Plastic models are going to be the cheapest and the lightest of options, but they are much less durable so therefore are usually seen as more temporary options – which is why we haven’t looked at them in too much detail in this article! 

Now let’s look at your other options – starting with wood! We love the fact that wood is going to be strong, durable and long lasting in your garden, so you know that you are purchasing really good value for money! Not only this, but the natural material will fit in really well with the rest of your garden, especially if it is positioned by fence panels or a wooden shed. The main downside to a wooden arbour seat is the regular maintenance that it is going to need, as otherwise it will be susceptible to rot (however it is important to remember that even metal arbour seats are going to need some maintenance). If you opt for wooden arbour seats that have been pressure treated, then you will find that these last considerably longer, thanks to the treatment being pushed into the grains of wood. 

Your other option is a metal arbour seat, which will usually be lighter and offer a more delicate option than a wooden model. Despite the lightness and (usually) smaller frame, metal models will still be strong and long lasting. You tend to find that metal models don’t have the same solid block back as wooden models do, so are a good option for if you still want some visibility through. If you do decide that a metal arbour seat is the one for you then we would recommend looking for ones that are made from powder-coated iron as these will be corrosion free and much longer lasting! 

Best Budget – Outsunny Garden Metal Arch Arbour

Outsunny Garden Metal Arch Arbour with Bench Love Seat Outdoor Patio Rose Trellis Pergola Climbing Plant Archway Tubular - 152L x 58W x 207Hcm
13 Reviews
Outsunny Garden Metal Arch Arbour with Bench Love Seat Outdoor Patio Rose Trellis Pergola Climbing Plant Archway Tubular - 152L x 58W x 207Hcm
  • ELEGANT ARBOUR BENCH: Scroll design with beautiful Clover pattern on sides and a pot of flower on the bench back for a beautiful look. Perfect as a mainstay in your garden or using for special occasions.
  • PLANT SUPPORT ARCH: Allows you to grow vines and hang hanging baskets for a unique design.
  • COMFORTABLE SEAT: Wide 2-seat design bench provide a comfortable sitting area for long hour resting.
  • STURDY: Made from metal with an epoxy coating for weather resistance.
  • DIMENSIONS: 152L x 58W x 207Hcm. Seat Size: 118W x 44Dcm. Seat to floor: 46cm. MAXIMUM WEIGHT CAPACITY 200KG.

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The Best Arbour Seats Have…

We have covered the main build aspects that you need to consider before purchasing an arbour seat, but now we need to look at the additional features that you need to consider if you are wanting the best arbour seat around! There is so much more to a garden arbour than just a feature and space to sit in your garden and this section of the article will explain all of that. 

Comfortable Seating 

If you are purchasing a garden arbour then we assume you are wanting to sit on it at some point, which means that the seating area is going to need to be comfortable and practical as well as looking good. Look out for models that are solid in design, whether this be straight or curved. 

It is also worth looking to see whether your arbour seats come with cushions, which is going to make it much comfier to relax and enjoy time on! If your arbour seat doesn’t come with cushions then you will almost always be able to find some to fit, but it is going to be a better fit and better value for money if you can buy them together! Look out for seat covers or cushions that are going to be waterproof as this will help to ensure that they last as long as your frame does! 

TOP TIP: If you enjoy having a BBQ through the summer months then why not opt for an arbour frame where the seats can actually be removed? This allows you to have a stylish cover for your BBQ when you need it. 


One of the best features that we found with garden arbour seats is the additional storage that they are able to provide! The best arbour seats will lift on a hinge which will allow you to store garden tools, cushions, toys (or anything for that matter) in the base of your seating. 

Best Arbour Seats Design Features 

Here are some of the design features that we found in only superior arbour seats! 

  • FSC wood – Purchasing an arbour chair made using FSC wood means that you are using wood that has been sustainably sourced. Not only is this better for the environment but it is going to be “long grown” wood which will be longer lasting. 
  •  Fixtures and fastenings – It is so important to purchase models that have high-quality fixtures and fittings as part of your arbour seats. Look out for fixtures and fastenings that are going to be made from metal such as aluminium or steel as these will be longer lasting. Models that are powder-coated will also be rust resistant for longer. 
  • Planters – If you are wanting to improve the “flow” in your garden and help the arbour seat to blend in then it is definitely worth looking for models that come with planters at either side. These will allow you to either just plant bedding plants to add a splash of colour, or (if the sides of the arbour are similar to trellis), plant climbing plants that can then grow over the top of your arbour to create a wonderful focal point in your garden! 
  • Shelving – We particularly like arbour seats that have thought about how practical they are going to be to use as well! For example, if they come with shelves as part of the arm rests! This sounds like something small but there is nothing more frustrating than trying to relax with a drink in your garden….but then having nowhere to put it! 
  • Assembly – You definitely need to think about how easy your arbour seats are going to be to assemble! Some will actually come ready-built, which will massively reduce the amount of time and effort that you need to put in! However, this isn’t always the case! Make sure to check whether the garden arbour comes with the tools that you will need to build it, or whether you are going to have these ready! 
  • Metal feet – Even if you choose to opt for a wooden arbour seat, we would completely recommend looking for a model with metal feet on the base of the wooden legs. It is highly likely that your arbour is going to be placed either on grass or soil (although even when placed on a patio you will find that the legs can soak up water from the patio surface). Opting for a model with metal feet will help to protect the wooden legs from rot, allowing your arbour to last even longer. 

Best of the Rest

Winchester Wooden Garden Arbour Seat Pressure Treated Timber
13 Reviews
Winchester Wooden Garden Arbour Seat Pressure Treated Timber
  • Under seat storage with hinged seat
  • Metal roof
  • Pressure treated against rot
  • Natural Timber finish

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Pure Origins Lyon Garden Arbour with Storage Box Seat Lattice Sides Solid Roof
16 Reviews
Pure Origins Lyon Garden Arbour with Storage Box Seat Lattice Sides Solid Roof
  • Compact arbour seat with trellis sides - ideal for climbing plants
  • Seat panel lifts to reveal a handy storage box
  • Pressure Treated for Long Life
  • Solid roof protects you from the weather elements
  • Height: 200cm Width: 156cm Depth: 67cm

Last update on 2021-08-04 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Forest Garden Forest Parisienne Arbour, Pressure Treated, 6'10 x 5'
71 Reviews
Forest Garden Forest Parisienne Arbour, Pressure Treated, 6'10 x 5'
  • Comfortable bench seat with a sloped back
  • Light and airy with room to seat up to two people
  • Slatted roof allows some light through while also offering protection against a summer shower
  • Lattice side and back panels are ideal for training climbing plants and creating a little more privacy around the arbour
  • Some of our items are bulky so you will need to clear space in your garden for the delivery; providing its safe, our drivers will carry the product to your garden; you must be in to sign for delivery

Last update on 2021-08-04 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Frequently Asked Questions

Do arbour seats come with a warranty? 

Yes! You will find that all good quality arbour seats will come with a warranty and most actually come with quite an extended warranty! The warranties that we found tended to start at around 2 years but it is actually much more common to find a model with a 4 or 5 year warranty! Some of the best arbour seats even come with warranties up to around 10 years but these aren’t as common! 

How should I maintain my wooden arbour seat?

Maintaining your wooden arbour seat is essential if you are wanting it to last. It is important that you treat your arbour with wood stain or a preservative at least once a year! We would also recommend purchasing a cover for your arbour seats for over winter months – it is unlikely that you are going to be able to move your arbour seat for winter so although a cover may be a little unsightly, it will keep it protected from the worst of the weather!

Do I need a solid base for under my arbour seat?

The best way to ensure that your arbour seat is going to be level and protected from the damp ground as much as possible is to situate it on a solid base such as a paved area. However, if this isn’t possible and you are wanting to put your arbour on grass then as long as you opt for metal feet to protect the wooden legs then this should be sufficient.

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