Outdoor Pizza Oven

Outdoor Pizza Ovens – A Buyers Guide

Who isn’t a pizza lover? Who doesn’t like eating outside? It’s a challenge to find anyone who doesn’t love pizza and who’d rather be inside than outside on a warm summer evening or a fresh, […]

Rechargeable Torch Buyers Guide
Garden Accessories

A Rechargeable torch Buyers Guide

You never know when you might need a torch! Rechargeable models are the most cost-effective illuminators and have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are available in a range of models and sizes from […]

Honeysuckle Climbing Plant

All About Fast-Growing Climbing Plants

Fast-growing climbing plants can be a wonderful addition to any garden – you will reap the benefits of planting them quickly and many will add wonderful colour to your garden! There are plenty of different […]

Wheelie Bin Storage
Garden storage

Wheelie Bin Storage – A Buyer’s Guide

Storage devices for your wheelie bins have many benefits – stopping animals from getting to the litter in your bins, protecting bins from being blown over in the heavy wind and preventing other, less considerate, […]

Apple Tree Pruning Guide

When to Prune Apple Trees

Has your apple tree grown into an unsightly tangle? Is it becoming too big to manage? Has it not been producing fruit as generously as it has in the past and is looking a bit […]

Electric Chainsaws
Garden Tools

An Electric Chainsaw Buyer’s Guide

Electric chainsaws are powerful tools that can save you considerable time when working with wood. Gone are the days when you have to use a traditional axe for all of your woodcutting jobs – yes […]

All About Lavender

Everything You Need to Know About Lavender

Lavender (Lavandula) is beautiful not just in colour, but also in scent – giving off a fresh aroma that will fill your garden many times throughout the year. It’s eye-catching appearance and the fact that […]

Bug Hotel

Build your own bug hotel

A bug hotel, also known as an insect hotel or insect house, is a structure created to provide shelter for insects. There are no set rules when it comes to building your own bug hotel […]