Rotavator Buyers Guide
Garden Accessories

A Complete Rotavator Buyer’s Guide

No matter how much you love your garden, everyone will agree there is nothing more laborious than digging and tilling the soil in your garden. But it is one of those jobs that just has […]

Rattan Furniture Buyers Guide
Garden Accessories

A Rattan Furniture Buyer’s Guide

Rattan furniture can be a beautiful addition to any outdoor area or conservatory, with its durable but fashionable look that stands out in any garden. Whether looking for a comfortable armchair to relax in and […]

Secateurs Buyers Guide
Garden Accessories

A Secateurs Buyer’s Guide

Used for cutting through flowers, stems, small branches and even vegetables – secateurs are every gardener’s best friend! Whether you have a small, quaint garden with a couple of shrubs, or rambling, plant-filled grounds, you […]

Keter Shed Buyers Guide
Garden Accessories

Keter Sheds – A Complete Buyers Guide

The plastic shed market is booming and Keter – an Israeli manufacturer and marketer of resin-based household and garden consumer products – has firmly established itself internationally as one of the market leaders. Plastic sheds […]

Leaf Blower Buyers Guide
Garden Accessories

The Best Leaf Blower Buyer’s Guide

Leaves covering your garden is the burden that many garden lovers have to deal with. They discolour your decking and paving, and turn your lawn into a muddy mess! Yet no matter how many times […]

Bird Table
Garden Accessories

The Ultimate Bird Table Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are a garden enthusiast or not, there are few people that would not love the delight of birds being in their garden. Bird tables will provide a space for birds to eat, drink […]

Solar Powered Water Feature
Garden Accessories

Solar Water Features – A Buyers Guide

Powered by nothing more than energy from the sun, a solar water feature will add a touch of magic and tranquillity to your outdoor area.  Whether you have a large or small garden, a veranda, […]

Chicken Coop
Garden Accessories

Chicken Coop – A Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are already a chicken parent or are a beginner looking to purchase a chicken coop for your first chickens, there is plenty that you need to know before making your purchase. In recent […]

Cantilever Parasol
Garden Accessories

Cantilever parasol – Your buyer’s Guide

When you think of the UK, sweltering summers are unlikely to be your first thought, however, July 2019 saw good old Blighty hit with the highest temperature ever recorded in the UK – a scorching […]