Nilfisk C110 Pressure Washer Review

Nilfisk C110

A bit about Nilfisk

Before we look specifically at the Nilfisk C110, let’s take a look at the company behind it. Nilfisk actually brought the first domestic pressure washer to market back in 1985! So, as you can see they have a bit of experience and knowledge in pressure washers. Whilst they don’t have as big a name as someone like Karcher who is recognised by most people when it comes to pressure washers, they are a brand to really pay attention too!

Nilfisk is proud of a few key features, which can be found across the range of their pressure washers;

  • Click and clean, a simple way to change which accessories are attached to your lance.
  • Metal pump, a pump made entirely of aluminium helps provide longevity for the machine.
  • Air cooled induction motor, lots of power and performance and keeps it from overheating.
  • Onboard storage, you always know where your accessories are.


The Nilfisk C110, whilst being Nilfisks entry level pressure washer has a lot to offer. They haven’t just made a cheap pressure washer to mop up the lower end of the market. Whilst Nilfisk is known for more commercial grade products, some home users might not even be aware of the brand. They have provided amazing quality products to the domestic market.

For example, a lot of their competitors offer similarly priced pressure washers to compete with them, but make use of plastic structures for the pumps used. In the Nilfisk C110 there is a metal pump, made from aluminium, this will outlast and outwork any plastic pump from their competition.

The C110 provides 110 bar of pressure, provided by its 1400w motor. This is plenty powerful for cleaning your car, patio and other household jobs. Should you need to clean years of dirt on a patio or engrained stubborn dirt on a works vehicle, they do offer more powerful options as you can see in the table below.

A lot of what can damage the inside of a pressure washer and make it so that it’s life expectancy is reduced dramatically, can be attributed to poor water. This is because some people use water butts to provide the source of water for them, along with dirt in hose pipes. Nilfisk has countered this with the Nilfisk C110 by including a plastic filter, this sits in between the hosepipe and the pressure washer itself.


Nilfisk C110

It comes with a 5-metre hose, this is longer than that provided by much of the competition. However, if 5 metres isn’t enough, you can always get an extension hose, these go up to around 15m in length and will get you much more range if that is an issue. Please be aware though that the more you extend the hose away from the machine, the lower the pressure you are going to get.

The Nilfisk C110 comes with foam sprayer, this is a great addition to the kit as you can use it for dispensing detergent to either clean your car or patio with. It is a rather basic foam sprayer and offers no option to choose the pattern of the spray, nor the amount of detergent dispensed from it. It is fantastic as something to just add detergent and help with your cleaning efforts. However, if you want more control and plan on using it regularly, you can purchase a more advanced foam sprayer.

Nilfisk has taken storage seriously, all of the accessories the Nilfisk C110 comes with are easily attached to the unit itself after use. Including the lance and hose, this is something that you are sometimes left trying to find space for with competitors units.

Range comparison

Whilst the Nilfisk C110 is the entry-level machine. They do also offer a full range of products, offering more power, longer lances and much more! You can see below the list of features and where each model sits, allowing you to choose which is best for you.

Nilfisk Pressure Washer Comparison

Positives and Negatives

Let us take a look at some of the positives and negatives of the Nilfisk C110.


  • 5 metre hose
  • 110 bar of pressure
  • Auto stop-start technology
  • Metal motor


  • Fairly short power cable


The Nilfisk C110 comes with a 2-year warranty. With something such as a pressure washer, something that is being used in dirty, wet conditions, a guarantee of 2 years is a great benefit.

Electricity and water don’t mix, to ensure that you take good care of your pressure washer and always check for cable breaks before use.

That being said the Nilfisk C110 is very well made and so hopefully, cracks in cables should occur. Should you have an issue with your C110 the 2-year warranty is great peace of mind.

Technical Information

  • Weight: 7.26Kg
  • Wattage: 1400w
  • Pressure: 110nm
  • Hose length: 5m
  • Warranty: 2 years


In summary, the Nilfisk C110 is a great entry level pressure washer. It won’t any awards for the most powerful pressure washer around. Nor is it capable of hot water pressure washing. But it does exactly as Nilfisk intended, a great job as an entry-level pressure washer. Beats the competition in many respects, has long-lasting well-made components and is backed by a 2-year guarantee.

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Nilfisk C110 Pressure Washer
  • Power
  • Price
  • Accessories
  • Will It Last?


The Nilfisk C110 is a great value, entry level pressure washer. While it’s not the most powerful washer at this price point, its solid build quality and generous 2 year warrenty more than make up for it.

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